Types of Tops – 31 Must-Have Types of Tops for Women

In today’s market, many types of tops are available to choose from. There are a wide variety of design options to pick from, extending the applications of their standard neck-to-back fitting tops that help everyone to acquire a look, as well as provide great comfort and support. Some women would prefer high-waist tops and the widest types of tops because these clothes not only help them with comfort but also make their overall look attractive. You will hardly lack in the styling department, with our handpicked selection of different types of tops that offer the best look and overall comfort.

Some women prefer a snug fit while others would just love to create an illusion by finding the perfect loose fit or tops that are more comfortable to wear. We have curated a list of various lovely types of tops for women that offer style and comfort for each type of body. Each women have a different body type and would prefer the dresses accordingly. Women who like fit tops might prefer fit triangles and similar designs that would emphasize on waist and hips. While plus-sized women would like to prefer tops that fall right above their knees. There are wide variety of tops to choose from that would help create stunning looks with ample comfort for our body.

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Here is an overview of some of the most common types of tops for women.

1. Blouse Top

Types of tops - Blouse Top

The blouse top is without a doubt one of the classic attires that always keeps the women’s form. Wide straps, boat-neck style, hemline, and collars are well-known traits by which a typical polo can be recognized. Those tops and bottoms are the ones to remember, the shirt with a button-down collar and tightly fitted empire waist which women’s best options of tops become. Then, on the contrary, small blouse tops could not be perfect for women who have larger busts because of the high chances of error.

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2. Cami Top

types of tops - Cami Top

The cami top is a crop top that snugs right above the waist. This dress is designed to be wide open for any body type woman, making the dress still look flattering. The fact that it can be paired with any outfit makes it versatile. It could fit any profile be it work or play. It can help you create both casual and elegant look based on the outfit combination you choose.

3. Tube Top

types of tops - Tube Top

The tube top is really among the classic vintage garments which are also the most versatile option for women. They can be either very simple or very extravagant and one can combine them along with whatever you have in your wardrobe. Moreover, you can get both the plain colored ones, striped ones, and others with bands to serve you on formal and casual appearances to match the preferred bottoms. Besides, a brushed black top in a clean cool color will surely match any of your brainstormed ideas. The jacket has proven so dynamic that it goes well with a suit or a bathing suit or even matches with our favorite pair of sweatpants which we put on when we just want to relax with our people.

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4. Crop Top

types of tops - Crop Top

Dare to switch up your look with a sporty crop top appearance that will take you through both work and casual days. When it is knee-length it is known as a midi. An ideal fit top for a lady should be from 5’3″ – 5’6″ tall. The many times fashion lovers wear these pants is backed by the fact that they are airy and comfortable for hours. The adjustable straps present on the crop top make it multi-purpose — it can be a classy fitting for those who love to flaunt their stylish crop top as well as for those who prefer a comfy and not-so-revealing crop top.

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5. Tunic Top

Types of tops - Tunic Top

The tunic tops, which are loose dresses, fit more often with sandals or boots. The wonderful tunic top is a top that could adapt to most ensembles in the closet. It could be casual wear or otherwise, with an added belt and shoes, it can be a complete outfit. A pro tip, never buy tunic top for work! That means I will be on fire, for sure, if you do it.

6. Kaftan Top

types of tops - Kaftan Top

This is a warm type of item that is worn under a jacket, or a dress and a suit. It is the sort of blouse that comes in chic patterned and print cuts. The top can be worn with pretty anything, be it a dress, a comfortable set of pants, an oversized shirt, or a cardigan.

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7. Tank Top

types of tops - Tank Top

The tank top is a semi-form-fitting top that one can get with a lot of different designs and printings. It can fit under several tops to express your creativity while looking amazingly beautiful in a various way. Nevertheless, a suggestion can be made that you wear this top with loose-fit pants when on posh days.

8. Peplum Top

Peplum Top – Western Wear

types of tops - Peplum Top

A peplum-style top is a small strip of fabric attached to the waistline of pants, jackets, skirts or dresses. This particular style should favor women with hourglass figures. Peplum tops look most stylish when they are paired with trousers and pencil skirts.

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9. Peplum Top – Traditional Wear

types of tops - Peplum Top - Traditional Wear

Peplum is a loose-fitting top that is sewn in a way that it comes in many prints and designs. You will find that you can wear it with most of your clothing as it simply gives an idea as if you were wearing a dress. It is one of the most exquisite types of tops for women as with proper usage, they look so sophisticatedly formal. The Peplum Tops are in both cultural and Western vogue and are seen in different types of fashion clothing. Together with peplum tops, an astounding selection of traditional wear has been introduced.

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10. Maxi / Longline Top

types of tops - Maxi / LonglineTop

A maxi shirt is a good choice if you are between sizes. A fabric should be sufficiently slack to make feel you comfortable, but not too loose that it doesn’t keep you upright. These kind of tops are assumed to have an empire waistband that helps you keep a snug fit around the waist.

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11. Wrap Top

types of tops - Wrap Top

A wrap top can be useful for many occasions. You can wear it casually with a pair of jeans or dress it up with a special occasion in your mind. At the base of the top, there should be a large opening to facilitate the full range of movement, but have a zipper or a tie at the top to close it.

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12. Cold Shoulder Top

types of tops - Cold Shoulder Top

A cold shoulder top could be perfect for a casual or a dressy outfit. Seek out these cold shoulder panel types of  tops for the tranquil vibe when you put it on. This top has a semi-circular cut on both shoulders as its decoration which differentiates it from other tops.

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13. Cinched-Waist Top

types of tops - Cinched-Waist Top

Cinched-Waist Top is a great fit for any occasions from work to school. It is comfortable and gives a stylish look. The top should have a closed waistband so that it comfortably stays around you, but it shouldn’t expose any skin.

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14. One Shoulder Top

types of tops - One Shoulder Top

With One Shoulder Top, you can visit any formal gathering to have a few drinks with friends at the end of a workday, looking presentable and elegant. A one-shoulder top is among types of top with a strap that’s just on a single shoulder so it does not tend to get stuck under your arms when you are lifting anything heavy.

15. Cape Top

types of tops - Cape Top

Cape Top are traditional and classic tops that have been worn for a very long time. These types of tops will be great for you on the cold winter days, when you don’t want to pile up more sweaters, as they belong to your already growing collection. This top is structured with a semi-wide collar and cuffs thus, enabling it to keep in place while walking, running, or doing other sorts of exercise.

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16. Shirt Style Top

types of tops - Shirt Style Top

The Shirt Style Top has this cool design that matches up quite well with anything. It has versatile relaxed fit with a few buttons on the top,  it gives you the necessary freedom but is still appropriate for fancy wear. The collars, cuffs, and the hem of the top must be conservative type (not too flamboyant).

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17. Asymmetrical Top

types of tops - Asymmetrical Top

Women’s apparel that is unevenly sewn, are known as  Asymmetrical Top, is among the trends gaining popularity this season. The best part is you can wear it with any type of body proportions. Based on your preference and desires, you can make your torso look longer or shorter. Accessories like these enrich the general outlook of a person and can look more appealing on any body frame be it an hourglass, rectangular or inverted triangle.

For a laid-back twist, combine them with a pair of high-waist jeans. You’re dressing up? Well then, a flowy, asymmetrical blouse and a pencil skirt might be the perfect look for you. Be sure to finish it off with heels and jewelry and also with a small purse that is decorated with delicate kind of elegant Jewelry.

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18. Batwing Top 

types of tops - Batwing Top 

Batwing Tops, which started as one of many types of tops, now belong to rare, but striking, on-fashion kinds. Their shape is sort of loose and open which makes them flow freely according to any type of body moment. The wide sleeves will bring not only a beautiful drape but also ensure that you both comfortable and fashionable.

To appear like a fashionable chic office look, team the batwing top with neat trousers and high heels. It said the following: business-casual aesthetic is perfect for me with the remarkable pieces. If creating a bohemian vibe is your goal, then experiment with putting these styles together and try a long maxi skirt and a bold statement necklace. This is a great opportunity to be true to yourself and showcase your boho style.

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19. Bralette Top

types of tops - Bralette Top

Just as bralettes have such a proportion informing factor, they use dainty straps Such types of tops are not only attractive but also accentuate an entire attire, but transform an ultimate monotonous look into something fashionable.

Selecting a bralette to be the foundation of your formal look, you can wear it beneath a sheer blouse and team it up with tailored pants. However, topping the look with some strong and strappy heels together with some statement earrings is a way to go. For the daytime, a denim jacket and denim jeans topped with the gathered middle top or a pair of ripped jeans could work perfectly. Style it with ankle boots or white sneakers, therefore creating that perfect effortless look.

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20. Bodysuit Top

types of tops - Bodysuit Top

The bodysuit has probably been the most trendy of all the sleek and hype-focused types of tops as the sleek and streamlined design highlights the natural curves and creates the optimum effect. The tucked-in style makes it easy to incorporate in our outfits, thanks to its longevity and ability to flatter all body types.

An ideal one is to wear it with an elegant pleated midi skirt by tucking it inside and then putting on the same heels which exude classiness. The office is a place where one can go about their daily work while expressing themselves through fashion, so, let us put the bodysuit under the blazer and add matching pants to that. Such models this top for men suitable if they are matched. For this, instead of normal sandals or regular heeled shoes, get yourself some pumps or oxfords and well for that finishing touch, get yourself a structured bag.

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21. Bustier Top

types of tops - Bustier Top

The Bustier top is a fashionable choice that fits hourglass and pear-shaped figures best. These two silhouettes have well worked with high-waisted pants or low-rise trousers. It draws attention to your curves by enhancing your cup size. The fitted cut that comes along with these tops and the waist-flattering seam make these tops very flattering for the waistline.

Side-by-side, distinctive bustier tops and high-waisted wide pants will provide the outfit with a fashion sense. Instead of dainty heels change them into strappy ones to make the dress more sophisticated. A nice summer look will be using the bustier with an unstructured skirt and flat sandals. This would be the simple TV weaving technique to upgrade these to high-end statement tops, add some nice jewelry, and of course you could not ask for better. If you try diverse types of accessories and even bags then you will finally get the style you like!

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22. Cardigans & Sweaters 

types of tops - Cardigans & Sweaters 

Cardigans and sweaters, in a way, are perfect options for everybody. Regardless of your choice, oversized for comfort or longline and fitted for style, this category of tops gives you instant warmth that is also creatively appealing. These play the role of your best companions during the winter by keeping you cozy throughout the season.

Create different looks with oversized sweaters. The sweater is one of the coziest pieces of clothing that almost most women love and wait for. For a more in-your-face outfit, you can combine these tops with slinky leather pants and closed it with cowboy boots. On the other hand, a cardigan can be worn as a dress for a cute girly look. Now you have a simple way to turn your look by simply adding a belt around the waist, and to finish it all, some knee-high boots.

23. Choker Top

types of tops - Choker Top

This elegant fashion item not only satisfies the basic need of fashion but also fulfills the other culture of accessorizing. They have such necklines close to your forehead as a simple built-in or attached choker. Furthermore, you don’t have to include any other neck jewellery aside the choker to style this outfit because it has an already built-in choker detail. Moreover, you can use these chokers to emphasize the vertical structure of your dress.

If top variations like these are your thing, combine them with some high-waisted wide-leg pants and heels to glam up for an up-to-date effect. Alternatively, if you’re searching for a less “in your face” style, swap distressed jeans for a simple top and ankle-length booties.

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24. Corset Top

types of tops - Corset Top

The list of things that you require in your wardrobe is definitely headed by corsets tops if dressing stylishly is your passion. This category of garment is famous for mildly cinching your waist, and so, in turn, showcase your curves forming a nice human figure that resembles an hourglass shape. You are certainly in for a treat if you prefer a romantic getaway as the ideal place for you.

If you want your date night to look trendy, you can select to put a lace corset top and law-waisted jeans and heels together. If you are going to experiment with a printed design, just make sure that you also combine it with a leather skirt and ankle boots to create an edgy outfit. Recall, therefore, that fashion is indeed all about mixing up different designs of tops as well as playing around with the unique one you all have.

25. Draped Blouses

types of tops - Draped Blouses

Dropped tops which are draped blouses or tops with an inner wear or blouse pinstripe are one of the universally preferred types of tops. This oversized fit gives it a gentle drop to the hips without hurting its overall effortlessly feminine appearance. Featuring swooping fabric that makes it very elegant at the same time it generates feelings of comfort in all bod types.

Assemble a stylish casual look by wearing any of these types of shirts with high-rise denim shorts, as well as espadrille wedges shoes. Glisten an intricate gold necklace and complete the look with a straw hat to emulate a summery vibe. As for the final touch, mix and match it with faux leather leggings and ankle boots whose belt buckle details give it an edgy stance.

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26. Halter Top

types of tops - Halter Top

Halter tops would steal the attention of the wearer as the shape is just unique and different at the same time. Also, there are the types of tops that pull the most superb look by having an open back which helps you achieve elegant looks. The halter neckline will convey the aura of elegance while the fluid flows, which will be seen as chic.

They will be excellent for creating a summery and carefree look like this. A fall maxi dress is great when worn with a flowy maxi skirt for a playful look or a printed one to stay visually stimulating. Finally, I have to go for strappy flat sandals for the footwear. On the other hand, you can also establish a chic look if you choose to match your halter top with a leather pants and ankle boots.

27. High-Low Top

types of tops - High-Low Top

The high-low tops are really good because they not only infuse the traditional patterns but also change the outlook. Having cut pieces that are shorter in the front and longer at the back add an interesting shape to the whole silhouette. Generally, wearing this asymmetrical dress creates a three-dimensional pattern, which is quite captivating. At the same time, its style is versatile, therefore, it suits a wide range of body types.

For the bohemian-inspired look, you can wear these type of tops with a maxi skirt that has long hems and you can add sandals with straps on them. Cap the look with a nice layered necklace and you can really tap into a carefree boho-inspired style. For a series where you aim to be versatile, tailored trousers and pumps with pointed toes are options. In the end, put a well-tailored blazer to polish the outfit, and add a classy clutch with ornament.

28. Keyhole Top

types of tops -  Keyhole Top

This is a chic one and one the most fashionable top types. Keyhole tops are designed in such a way that the keyhole cutout falls somewhere on your nape, therefore this piece will turn something ordinary to a statement item. This top goes with all body types. It is also amazing for people with nicely defined collars indeed because of the keyhole design feature.

Primarily, go for pairing them with high-waisted wide-leg pants and platform heels to stay abreast of the latest fashion trends. Further, you can opt to wear a denim mini skirt with either ankle boots for a casual and summery look or heels and sandals for a more formal look.

29. Lace-up Tops

types of tops - Lace-up Tops

Lace-up tops, apart from the spectrum of different styles of tops, are fashionable and versatile best choice that you can tighten or loosen to fit you. The detail on them is what makes them unique and fabricates the appearance, thus adding playfulness to your whole look. This particular style is comfortable to wear and can be fitted to any body morphology which highlights the beauty of your own favourite choice.

You can go for the pairing of high-waisted denim shorts and lace-up gladiator sandals to spice it up with the boho or you can simply stick with the traditional look. Last but not least, if you want a sporty feel, go for some jogger pants and a pair of chunky sneakers. These tops can be worn both casually as well as for sports purposes, so they are versatile which allows one to share their taste and style with others with relative ease.

30. Peasant Top Poncho

types of tops - Peasant Top Poncho

For sure, the peasant poncho that provides the essence of the bohemian spirit is so unfading. This type of tank top has a very oversized and relaxed silhouette, giving a pleasant look with no worry feeling. The sheer feel of flowing fabric glistens sumptuously with a style that fits both small and big frames clinging to the free-spirited and relaxed vibe.

If you want to create a boho chic look, put together these tops with high-rise flared pants and ankle boots. For a bold-and-polished outfit, consider a matchy pencil skirt in a nice color. Make the tie-front top shorter and pair it with beautiful heels to turn every spot into a red carpet

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31. Shirt

types of tops -  Shirt

This combination of timeless classic shirts with other types of tops is thought to represent the number of facets. It features a flattering cut that looks great on girls of all body shapes as it perfectly fits your figure. Regardless of whether you like to give your clothes a loose, relaxed look or a defined waist by tucking in, the shirt is a choice that remains a universal option.

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You can go for an upscale style by styling the shirt with a black high-waisted trouser and beige pointed-toe heels. Collecting the look of these top styles with a slim belt and just simple gold jewelry is the way to go. Or just to get that fun and trendy approach, rock out with distressed denim shorts paired with a colorful or printed shirt. Put a sports shirt, leggings, and white sneakers on. Also, carry the tote and wear big sunglasses.


1. What are the types of tops trending? 

Currently, crops and oversized T-shirts are different types of tops for women that are trending. These styles can be paired with high-waisted bottoms, such as jeans or skirts, for a flattering outfit. Oversized T-shirts offer a relaxed look. While crop tops feature various necklines such as scoop, V-neck, or halter, adding versatility to your wardrobe. 

2. What are examples of tops in clothing? 

From button-down shirts to off-the-shoulder blouses, camisoles, and peplums, there’s something for everyone. When it comes to types of tops, you have a plethora of options. These versatile pieces can be easily dressed up or down, allowing you to create different looks based on your mood.

3. What is a top outfit inspiration for women to feel casual in summer?

For a casual summer outfit, you can go for a breezy off-the-shoulder or loose-fitting crop top. These can be paired with denim shorts, wide jeans or even skirts. Lastly, to stay comfortable, you can put on slides or strappy sandals that suit types of tops. Complete your look with some perfect accessories for a fashionable summer statement.

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