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Types of Tops – 15 Must-Have Types of Tops for Women

There are many different types of tops for women to choose from. There are basic tops with fitted front and back that provide support and a comfortable fit, there are voluminous styles that give you extra volume and movement, and there are hipster tops that offer freedom of movement while also looking great. The variety is almost overwhelming, but above all, you need to consider your own personal style when it comes to choosing a top.

Women who prefer a more fitted appearance may want to look out for fit triangles or other designs that emphasize the waist or hips. Dressier tops should suit someone with slightly larger curves while plus-sized women often want clothes that fall just above the knee. Think of it like going into a tailor’s: if it fits, it’s wrong! However, you choose to fill your top wardrobe – from basics such as dresses to modest tank tops – there are many different top types for women that will create the flattering look you want without creating an oversized bulge in front and let you participate in the latest fashion trends.

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Here is an overview of some of the most common types of tops for women.

1. Blouse Top

Types of tops - Blouse Top

A top that comes closest to the classic female form is the blouse. The wide straps, boat-neck style, slightly longer hemline, and conservative collarbones make this top a classic. With its button-down collar and modest empire waist, it is one of the top choices when it comes to tops for women. However, blouses are best worn with a smaller bust size due to the chest straps. If you have a larger bust size, then a smaller-than-average-sized blouse will give you more room for error.

2. Cami Top

types of tops - Cami Top

The cami top is a relaxed-fit top that falls just above the waist. The relaxed fit is supposed to be flattering, even when the person wearing it is larger than average. What’s great about this top is that it can be worn with almost anything and works as a versatile top for both work and play. You can wear it when you’re looking for an elegant and casual top for an evening out or a workday top when you want to look casual and comfortable.

3. Tube Top

types of tops - Tube Top

The tube top is one of the oldest and most versatile tops for women. It comes in many different forms and is meant to be worn with almost anything. However, the banded, striped, or solid versions are great when you are looking for a casual top to wear with bottoms that go with it. For example, striped tops are great when you want a unique top that you can wear with almost anything. You can wear it with a suit or a bathing suit or even with your favourite pair of sweats when you are ready to chill with the boys.

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4. Crop Top

types of tops - Crop Top

The crop top is a casual top that is meant to be worn with both work and play. It has a cropped length that falls about mid-calf. The ideal look for the crop top is a woman who is between 5’3” and 5’6” tall. The crop top is practically a dress because of its loose, flowing style that is meant to be comfortable to wear for hours on end. It is not only a versatile top but also a good choice for anyone who wants a crop top but doesn’t want it to be too revealing.

5. Tunic Top

Types of tops - Tunic Top

Tunic tops are loose-fitting dresses that are often worn with sandals or boots. The tunic top is a versatile top that can be worn with almost everything. You can wear it when you want to feel casual, or you can dress it up with a belt and a pair of shoes. Whatever you do, do not wear a tunic to work! You will get sooo fired up if you do.

6. Kaftan Top

types of tops - Kaftan Top

The kaftan top is a warm top that is worn under an outer jacket or a jacket and a dress or suit. It is a loose, long-sleeved top that comes in many different patterns and prints. You can wear this top with almost anything, from a dress to a pair of sweats, a loose shirt, or a cardigan.

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7. Tank Top

types of tops - Tank Top

The tank top is a semi-fitting top that comes in many different designs and prints. You can wear it under a variety of tops to create a versatile look. However, it is recommended that you wear this top with loose-fitting jeans when need to dress up.

8. Peplum Top

Peplum Top – Western Wear

types of tops - Peplum Top

A peplum-style top is a short strip of fabric attached to the waistline of a shirt, jacket, skirt, or dress. This type of top works best for women with hourglass figures. Peplum tops go best with straight pants and pencil skirts.

Peplum Top – Traditional Wear

types of tops - Peplum Top - Traditional Wear

The peplum top is a loose-fitting top that comes in many different prints and designs. You can wear it with almost anything as it gives the impression that you are wearing a dress. It is one of the most dressy tops for women since it looks so formally elegant when worn properly. Peplum Tops are seen in both traditional and Western wear fashion clothing. Peplum Tops specifically showcase an amazing traditional wear look.

9. Maxi / Longline Top

types of tops - Maxi / LonglineTop

This top is perfect if you are between sizes. The fabric should be loose enough to be comfortable but have enough support to keep you upright. The top should also have an empire waistband so that it fits snugly around your assigned measurements without being too tight.

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10. Wrap Top

types of tops - Wrap Top

This top is great for a variety of occasions. You can wear it casually with a pair of jeans or dress it up for a special event. This top should have a large enough opening at the bottom to allow for a full range of movement but be closed at the top with a tie or zipper.

11. Cold Shoulder Top

types of tops - Cold Shoulder Top

This top looks great with both casual and dressy looks. Look for a top that has cold shoulder panels to give you a serene look when you are wearing it. This top has semi-circular cuts on both shoulders making it look stylish and unique.

12. Cinched-Waist Top

types of tops - Cinched-Waist Top

This top is great for a variety of occasions including work or school. It is flattering and comfortable to wear. The top should have a low-cut waistband so that it lies comfortably around your body but doesn’t show any skin.

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13. One Shoulder Top

types of tops - One Shoulder Top

This top is ideal for any social occasion when you want to look professional while having a few drinks with friends after work. One Shoulder Top has a single shoulder strap so that it doesn’t get in the way when you are carrying anything heavy.

14. Cape Top

types of tops - Cape Top

The cape is a classic piece that has been around for a long time. This top is ideal for those cold winter days when you don’t want to take the plunge and add on more to your growing collection. This top has a semi-wide collar and cuffs so that it stays in place when you are walking or running around.

15. Shirt Style Top

types of tops - Shirt Style Top

This top looks great with just about anything. This top has a relaxed fit with a few buttons so that it gives you room to move but is still fashionable enough to be worn with dressy outfits. The collar, cuffs, and hem of the top should all be on the conservative side.

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16. Asymmetrical Top

types of tops - Asymmetrical Top

Asymmetric tops are popular among women’s apparel that has an uneven hemline. This design lets you play around with body proportions. Based on your needs and preferences, you can easily create an illusion of having a longer or shorter torso. These can enhance the overall look and enhance any body shape, whether hourglass, rectangular, or pear.

You can try pairing them with high-waisted jeans if you are trying to go for a casual look. For a dressier vibe, you may opt for a flowy asymmetrical blouse with a pencil skirt. Lastly, complete the look with heels and accessorise with delicate jewellery and a clutch purse. 

17. Batwing Top 

types of tops - Batwing Top 

Batwings are a standout among different types of tops, perfectly suited for all body shapes. They have a loose and flowy silhouette that exudes a relaxed look, keeping the arms free to move. The wide sleeves offer a flattering drape, ensuring both comfort and fashion.

To create a chic office look, pair the batwing top with tailored trousers and heels. This combination showcases your need to stick to a business casual dress code with refined pieces. For a boho-inspired vibe, try styling these types of tops with a flowy maxi skirt and a statement necklace, letting your free spirit shine through.

18. Bralette Top

types of tops - Bralette Top

With their cropped length and delicate straps, bralettes help bring the eyes to the smallest part of your body. These types of tops accentuate your entire attire, giving you that picture-perfect fashionable look.

To elevate your evening style, layer the bralette under a sheer blouse and pair it with tailored pants. Add some strappy heels with some statement earrings, and you are good to go. For daytime, you can pair these types of tops with high-waisted jeans along with a denim jacket. Complete the outfit with ankle boots or white sneakers for an effortless vibe. 

19. Bodysuit Top

types of tops - Bodysuit Top

Among the sleek and form-fitting types of tops, the bodysuit stands out as it enhances your natural curves with its streamlined design. The tucked-in style makes it a perfect choice for various body types.

For a unique style, tuck it into a pleated midi skirt and put on a pair of classy heels. To make a statement at the workplace, layer the bodysuit under a blazer and team it with sleek trousers. These types of tops for women look perfect when accessorised well. For that, try on pumps or oxfords and add a structured bag for that finishing touch.

20. Bustier Top

types of tops - Bustier Top

The bustier top is a fashionable option that suits hourglass and pear-shaped figures. It accentuates your curves and provides good bust support. With their fitted style and waist-cinching design, these types of tops create a flattering hourglass silhouette.

Try pairing bustier tops with high-waisted wide-leg pants for a fashion-forward look. Opt for strappy heels to add more elegance. For a chic summer outfit, team the bustier with a flowy maxi skirt and flat sandals. To elevate these types of tops, you can simply add some statement jewellery, and you are ready to make heads turn. Remember to experiment with different accessories and even bags to find your perfect style!

21. Cardigans & Sweaters 

types of tops - Cardigans & Sweaters 

Cardigans and sweaters are versatile choices that flatter all body types. No matter what your preference is, oversized, longline, or fitted, these types of tops add warmth and style instantly. These classic pieces keep you comfortable during colder seasons.

You can experiment with various styling options with an oversized sweater. For an edgy ensemble, you can wear these types of tops with sleek leather pants and finish the look with chunky boots. You can opt for a cardigan and wear it as a dress for a more feminine feel. Simply add a belt to cinch your waist and complete the outfit with knee-high boots.

22. Choker Top

types of tops - Choker Top

This is one of the unique fashion items that combine both fashion and accessorising. These types of tops give you a built-in or attached choker neckline. With a built-in choker detail, you do not need any additional neck jewellery to style this outfit. Additionally, this also gives you the illusion of having an elongated neckline.

Try pairing these types of tops with high-waisted wide-leg pants and heels for a modern look. If you need a more laid-back vibe, try on a pair of distressed denim shorts and ankle boots. Lastly, remember to accessorise with some statement earrings and have fun creating a casual yet trendy outfit.

23. Corset Top

types of tops - Corset Top

Corsets are definitely a must-have in your wardrobe if you love fashion. These types of tops cinch your waist, which accentuates your curves, creating an attractive hourglass figure. If you are planning on a romantic getaway, these are the best options.

For a chic date night, you can pair a lace corset top with high-waisted jeans and heels. You may also try opting for a printed choice and pairing it with a leather skirt and ankle boots for an edgy outfit. Remember, fashion is all about experimenting with different types of tops and having fun finding your own unique style. 

24. Draped Blouses

types of tops - Draped Blouses

Draped blouses are one of the most versatile types of tops that suit most of the body types. Its loose silhouette effortlessly drapes across the torso, creating a soft, feminine look. With cascading fabric adding elegance, it offers comfort to all body types.

Create a casual-cool ensemble by combining these types of tops with high-waisted denim shorts and espadrille wedges. Layer delicate gold necklaces and finish off with a straw hat for a summery touch. To add an edgy twist, you can team the draped blouse top with faux leather leggings and ankle boots with buckle details. 

25. Halter Top

types of tops - Halter Top

Halter blouses are stylish and eye-catching with their unique silhouette. These are types of tops that feature a flattering, open-back style which accentuates your shoulders. The halter neckline gives you an elegant look, while the flowy fabric adds a chic touch.

These are the perfect types of tops for a playful and summery look. Pair yours with a flowy maxi skirt for a breezy vibe or a printed one to add visual interest. Lastly, complete the outfit with comfortable strappy flat sandals. Alternatively, you can rock a stylish outfit by pairing your halter top with leather pants and ankle boots.

26. High-Low Top

types of tops - High-Low Top

The high-low is one of the best types of tops that brings a contemporary spin to classic styles. With a shorter front hemline and a longer back, it creates a dynamic silhouette. This asymmetrical design adds visual interest, while its versatility flatters all body types.

For a bohemian-inspired look, you can wear these types of tops with a flowy maxi skirt and strappy sandals. Complete the outfit with layered necklaces to embrace a free-spirited vibe. For a sophisticated ensemble, opt for tailored trousers and pointed-toe pumps. Add a structured blazer to polish the look, and accessorise with a sleek clutch.

27. Keyhole Top

types of tops -  Keyhole Top

This is a flirty and stylish option among different types of tops. With its strategically placed keyhole cutout, it draws attention to your neckline, adding some interest to your outfit. Suitable for all body types, this top particularly flatters those with a well-defined collarbone with its unique keyhole design.

Firstly, you can try pairing these types of tops with high-waisted wide-leg pants and platform heels to stay on trend. Also, try a denim mini skirt or tailored shorts with ankle boots or strappy sandals for a fresh and summery ensemble.

28. Lace-up Tops

types of tops - Lace-up Tops

Lace-ups, among the many types of tops, offer a trendy and versatile choice that allows you to adjust the fit to your liking. The detail on them adds playfulness and visual interest to your entire look. This style suits all body types, offering a flattering and customisable fit that accentuates your individual preference.

You can try teaming it with high-waisted denim shorts and lace-up gladiator sandals for a boho-inspired feel. If you are looking for a more sporty feel, opt for jogger pants and chunky sneakers. These types of tops can effortlessly transition between casual and athletic, allowing you to express your style with ease.

29. Peasant Top Poncho

types of tops - Peasant Top Poncho

When it comes to exploring different types of tops, the peasant poncho captures everyone’s attention with its bohemian flair. With an incredibly loose and relaxed silhouette, it provides a comfortable and carefree outfit. The flowy fabric drapes beautifully over your body and suits all body types, embracing a free-spirited and casual vibe.

For a boho-chic look, you may pair these types of tops with high-waisted flared jeans and ankle boots. To create a more polished outfit, try opting for a fitted pencil skirt in a complementary colour. Tuck the peasant top poncho in and wear it with heeled or strappy sandals to make a statement wherever you go.

30. Shirt

types of tops -  Shirt

The timeless classic shirt stands among the many types of tops as a symbol of versatility. With its tailored silhouette, it flatters all body types and enhances your shape. Whether worn loose for a relaxed feel or tucked in for a defined waist, the shirt remains a versatile choice for any occasion.

You may opt for a sophisticated look by pairing the shirt with high-waisted black trousers and beige pointed-toe pumps. You can complete the look of these types of tops by adding a sleek belt and minimal gold jewellery. Alternatively, for a playful and trendy vibe, try distressed denim shorts with a colourful or printed shirt. Finish the look with white sneakers, a tote bag, and oversized sunglasses.

FAQs for Types of Tops

1. What are the types of tops trending? 

Currently, crops and oversized T-shirts are different types of tops for women that are trending. These styles can be paired with high-waisted bottoms, such as jeans or skirts, for a flattering outfit. Oversized T-shirts offer a relaxed look. While crop tops feature various necklines such as scoop, V-neck, or halter, adding versatility to your wardrobe. 

2. What are examples of tops in clothing? 

From button-down shirts to off-the-shoulder blouses, camisoles, and peplums, there’s something for everyone. When it comes to types of tops, you have a plethora of options. These versatile pieces can be easily dressed up or down, allowing you to create different looks based on your mood.

3. What is a top outfit inspiration for women to feel casual in summer?

For a casual summer outfit, you can go for a breezy off-the-shoulder or loose-fitting crop top. These can be paired with denim shorts, wide jeans or even skirts. Lastly, to stay comfortable, you can put on slides or strappy sandals that suit types of tops. Complete your look with some perfect accessories for a fashionable summer statement.

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