Most Stunning Bridal Lehenga Trends Of 2024 – Discover Latest Trends

Bridal Lehenga Trends 2022 to Watch Out for this Wedding Season
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A woman’s wedding is one of the most precious moments in her life. This new chapter of life involves tying the knot with the man of their dreams, a massive event full of excitement, delectable feasts and celebrations. Besides that, planning the perfect attire, keeping the bridal lehenga trends of 2024 in mind, complete with jewellery and makeup is a quintessential part of a wedding. 

Every bride wants to look her best and be fashionable at all wedding functions. Bridal attires consist of beautiful embroidered, embellished or printed lehengas. Here, we are offering you an insight into the most compelling collection of bridal lehenga trends 2024 that you should take into consideration before you begin with your shopping.  

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Top 48 Bridal Lehenga Trends 2024

Inspired by celebrity weddings and top fashion designers, allow us to take you through the bridal lehenga trends of 2024. 

1. Anarkali Lehengas

Bridal Lehenga Trends  - Anarkali Lehengas
Source: Pinterest

This style trend is a modern version of lehengas where the lehenga has a fit and flare pleated skirt-like silhouette. The flare of this lehenga can be enhanced with an umbrella cut and can-can to add some more definition to the outfit. Anarkali lehengas are an excellent choice for wedding functions like Mehendi and Chooda ceremonies. 

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2. Lehengas with Double Dupattas

Bridal Lehenga Trends - Lehengas with Double Dupattas
Source: Pinterest

These Bridal lehenga trends features a long, trailing head veil in contrasting colour topped over the lehenga dupatta to add glamour and drama to a not-so-typical ethnic attire. This fashion idea is inspired by Manish Malhotra’s latest collection, where the model was wearing a long, floor-touching dupatta over the lehenga and a separate chunni over the head.

3. Printed Lehengas

Bridal Lehenga Trends  - Printed Lehengas
Source: Pinterest

Floral designs, hand block prints and ornate digital engravings on comfortable fabrics are some of the minimalist bridal lehenga trends of 2024. Such different and vibrant printed designs will make you stand out from other Instagram brides. This kind of modern lehenga is worth experimenting with and looks captivating in photographs. 

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4. Traditional Fabrics

Bridal Lehenga Trends  - Traditional Fabrics
Source: Pinterest

Traditional dress materials crafted by Indian weavers and artisans can be an excellent choice for your bridal lehenga trends in 2024. Bandhani, Chanderi, Banarasi silk, and Patan Patola are some of the best Indian fabrics. Lehengas made from such materials look royal and regal and are a wonderful way to support and appreciate Indian artisans.

5. Cerise-Coloured Bridal Attires

Bridal Lehenga Trends  - Cerise-Coloured Bridal Attires
Source: Pinterest

The new colour of the wedding season is cerise. So, if you want to step out of the traditional red colour of bridal lehenga trends, you can go for cerise-tone outfits intricately detailed with sequins, zari, pearls or mirror work. This magnificent light red colour has stolen the hearts of many and is one of the most-beloved bridal lehenga trends of 2024.   

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6. Cape-Style Dupattas

Bridal Lehenga Trends  - Cape-Style Dupattas
Source: Pinterest

Draping the lehenga dupatta in different styles can indeed transform the overall look of any bridal outfit. The cape-style is one new draping style trend in the town where the dupatta is wrapped as a flowy jacket. Such lehengas are ideal for sangeet functions as you can rock and roll freely, without worrying about handling the dupatta.  

7. Lightweight Embroidered Materials

Bridal Lehenga Trends  - Lightweight Embroidered Materials
Source: Pinterest

The lightweight embroidered lehengas offer great comfort without compromising on style. They can surely be one of those outfits you envisioned in your dreams. The flowy lehengas featuring light, minimal and impactful embroidery are super convenient to frolic in. To make this outfit comfier, you can select lightweight dress fabrics like chiffon and georgette. 

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8. Statement Blouses

Bridal Lehenga Trends - Statement Blouses
Source: Pinterest

Statement Blouses with ruffled sleeves, frills, heavy embroidery are among the gripping bridal lehenga trends of 2024. This style trend is here to stay without any doubt as they add a higher statement with minimal effort. Wearing traditional lehengas with light work and revamped blouses adorned with jewels can be attention-grabbing and create a unique ensemble that is impossible to replicate.  

9. Exaggerated Sleeves

Bridal Lehenga Trends  - Exaggerated Sleeves
Source: Pinterest

Exaggerated sleeves are an innovative way to create a statement. If heavy embellishments aren’t your thing, sleeves like these are a glorious way to add some sass and a luxurious feel to your wedding ensemble. Blouse sleeves with fringes, ruffles, puff, net or lacework are among the top blouse sleeve trends to explore this wedding season. 

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10. Low V-Neck Blouses

Bridal Lehenga Trends  -  Low V-Neck Blouses
Source: Pinterest

Sabyasachi was the first to embrace this trend by introducing it in his 2019 wedding collection. It continues to stay a relevant bridal blouse trend even two years later. Deep V-neck blouses are highly versatile and can be easily matched with any lehenga design or silhouette. You can experiment with this stunning neckline to amp up the beauty of your blouse to radiate a stunning and joyous vibe.  

11. Light-Gold Coloured Lehengas

Bridal Lehenga Trends  - Light-Gold Coloured Lehengas
Source: Pinterest

You can opt for such lehengas if you want to escape the traditional red and gold embellished bridal dresses. Instead, opt for light gold hues that are a versatile colour option for your bridal outfit. This dreamy lehenga with an incredible amount of gold detailing is a simplistic but classy outfit to wear for your big day.

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12. Shimmer-Embellished Dresses

Bridal Lehenga Trends  - Shimmer Embellished Dresses
Source: Pinterest

Shimmer-embellished lehengas are among the most popular bridal lehenga trends of 2024. Metallic, mirror, zari, stone and sequin work can dazzle up your traditional outfit and make for the perfect addition to cocktail or sangeet party outfit ideas. The sparkly effect of the lehenga won’t let people take their eyes off you. 

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13. Garnet Gowns

Bridal Lehenga Trends  - Garnet Gowns
Source: Pinterest

Garnet is a stunning colour to incorporate into your bridal outfit because it appears outstanding in both sunlight and artificial light. You can carry such an outfit from the morning wedding ceremony to the night sit-down reception. Dress up in this photogenic lehenga with your charming smile to capture the dear moments of your wedding day. 

14. Multi-Coloured Embroidery

Bridal Lehenga Trends  - Multi-Coloured Embroidery
Source: Pinterest

Add a multi-coloured embroidered lehenga skirt or blouse to give dimension to your bridal look. The addition of colours creates a fun palette to match the vibrant energy of such a splendid day. With this vibrant look, you can experiment with subtle pearl jewellery to give it a royal appearance and make the most out of these popular modern bridal lehenga trends of 2024. 

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15. Princess Look

Bridal Lehenga Trends  - Princess Look
Source: Pinterest

This is one of the best bridal lehenga trends 2024 for all the women who want to look like a princess. A can-can stuffing beneath the flare adds a fairytale aesthetic to a basic lehenga set. This style trend looks breathtaking for the wedding or mehendi ceremony when you don’t have to move around too much. 

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16. Ombré Lehengas

Bridal Lehenga Trends  - Ombré Lehengas
Source: Pinterest

You may have heard about ombre nails and hair colour trends. The ombre tone lehenga trend is quite exciting to try because of its uniqueness. It is inspired by the fashion designer Natasha Dalal. As per her, when you can’t decide between pastels and darker colours, go for ombre tones to enjoy the best of both worlds. 

17. Long-Sleeved Blouses

Bridal Lehenga Trends  - Long-Sleeved Blouses
Source: Pinterest

A blouse designed with longer sleeves adds an elegant and formal feel to the bridal lehenga. This outfit is suited for engagement functions or events where a formal dress code is imperative. The full sleeves give a more regal and classy look and can even be restyled post your marriage. The outfit surely deserves a spot in your trousseau.

18. Pastel Bridal Lehenga Trends 2024

Bridal Lehenga Trends  - Pastel Bridal Lehenga Trends 2021
Source: Pinterest

Pastel colours do wonders and are quite loved by the millennials. Also, their following is constantly rising on social media. Also, when Anushka Sharma debuted her pastel pink wedding outfit, the colour took a massive upward wave in Indian weddings. Mint green, faded blue, blush pink, or light yellow tones are spectacular lehenga colours to choose from. 

19. Pristine White Lehengas

Bridal Lehenga Trends - Pristine White Lehengas
Source: Pinterest

White wedding lehengas are making a recurring appearance at weddings in many Indian states. In South India and a few places in Gujarat and Assam, white colour is the centrepiece in bridal outfits. The best part about the pristine white lehenga is it looks astounding in daylight and the evening with its impeccable radiance.

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20. Purple Bridal Lehenga Trends

Bridal Lehenga Trends  - Purple Bridal Lehenga Trend
Source: Pinterest

Purple is the new red that blends in well with women’s fascination for weddings. It is among the latest trending bridal lehenga trends 2024 and further continues to win the hearts of many brides. This royal purple fashion trend can be styled for a multitude of wedding events like mehendi, sangeet and reception.

21. Clean Lehenga Design

Bridal Lehenga Trends  - Clean Lehenga Design
Source: Pinterest

After the upward rise and downward spiral of the ruffled sleeves trend, brides rebounded to the usual clean and regular Bridal lehenga trends in 2024. The classic floor-length lehenga with an A-line flare looks pleasing no matter your preferred aesthetic. You can wear the classic lehenga design at any of the wedding functions. This way, you can explore trendy as well as traditional varieties of lehengas. 

22. Bridal Capes

Bridal Lehenga Trends  - Bridal Capes
Source: Pinterest

The ready-made cape style dress can be one of the most comfortable and fashionable lehenga designs in 2024. So, get rid of the dupatta and be ready to twirl and dance your heart out. This is one of the bridal lehenga trends 2024 that almost every bride loves and pictures to recreate. 

23. Lehenga with Kamarbandh

Bridal Lehenga Trends  - Lehenga with Kamarbandh
Source: Pinterest

Kamarbandh is an embellished or embroidered belt, which is styled over a dress to emphasise the waistline. Style your lehenga with this charming accessory to stay ahead of the latest bridal lehenga trends in 2024. Kamarbandh adds a statement and also helps to hold the dupatta in place for easy movability. The global star Priyanka Chopra also had a diamond belt paired with her red sindoori lehenga. So, this style trend is celebrity-approved and makes a noble addition. 

24. Bollywood Style

Bridal Lehenga Trends  - Bollywood Style
Source: Pinterest

A wedding ensemble inspired by the famous B-town actresses is worth considering. A few marriage outfit elements like Deepika Padukone’s sada saubhagyavati bhavah dupatta, or Anushka Sharma’s pastel colour lehenga are compelling outfit inspirations. There have already been many brides that have been seen styling lehengas influenced by Bollywood trends. 

25. Colour-Blocked Lehengas

Bridal Lehenga Trends  - Colour-Blocked Lehengas
Source: Pinterest

Taking a break from monotone lehengas, brides are considering colour-blocked options in 2024. If you love playing with colours or keeping your outfit plain, then make the best out of this versatile wedding lehenga trend. You can experiment with vibrant or subtle pastels as per your style preferences. 

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26. Off-Shoulder Blouse Sleeves

Bridal Lehenga Trends  - Off-Shoulder Blouse Sleeves
Source: Pinterest

Off-shoulder sleeves are another set of trending bridal lehenga designs of 2024. Sleeves are a great way to add some drama with elegance to the entire marriage outfit. A heavy embroidered design with a melange of exceptional mirror work, fringes and pearls can make for a gorgeous wedding lehenga choice. 

27. Gold Dori Work Lehengas

Bridal Lehenga Trends  - Gold Dori Work Lehengas
Source: Pinterest

Gold work is a staple bridal lehenga found especially in Punjabi weddings in India. Including gold in the colour palette with distinct patterns and minute Dori detailing can be one of the top choices for the modern bride to pay tribute to Indian traditions. A gold bridal lehenga is definitely a show-stealing piece to flaunt this wedding season.

28. Geometric Shapes Lehengas

Bridal Lehenga Trends  - Geometric Shapes Lehengas
Source: Pinterest

A lehenga choli with hand embroidery and geometric print, zari or mirror work is one of the current bridal outfit trends to follow. A dazzling colour combination with geometric shape patterns can be a fantastic mehendi or sangeet dress that will make you stand out from other brides.  

29. Non-Gold Embroidery Lehengas

Bridal Lehenga Trends  - Non-Gold Embroidery Lehengas
Source: Pinterest

Many women prefer wearing trending and stylish lehengas that don’t feature gold embroidery. Also, if you’re the bride who intends to re-wear their bridal lehenga post marriage for future festivities, this trend presents itself to be the perfect home for a collection of versatile outfits. 

30. Sweeping Lehenga Trail

Bridal Lehenga Trends  - Sweeping Lehenga Trail
Source: Pinterest

A lehenga with a sweeping trail, irrespective of its length, can add a lovely fairy tale vibe to your wedding look. This style trend was recently observed in Manish Malhotra’s bridal lehenga designs. Many brands and stores are offering such wedding dresses in budget-friendly options for brides to get the benefit to relish this stunning element. 

31. Emerald Green Outfits

Bridal Lehenga Trends  - Emerald Green Outfits
Source: Pinterest

Emerald green, a lively colour representing love and hope, can be added to an outdoor evening reception outfit. Pairing such a colour of lehenga with sterling silver jewellery gives a royal appeal to your look and is captivating enough to grab eyeballs as you walk down the aisle.       

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32. Organza Skirts

Bridal Lehenga Trends - Organza Skirts
Source: Pinterest

Leverage the love for organza lehenga in 2024, especially when you are going for a beachy, destination or outdoor wedding. A light organza skirt in pastel shades with bedazzled jewellery matching the dress is among the top bridal lehenga trends of 2024.   

33. Ball Gowns

Bridal Lehenga Trends  - Ball Gowns
Source: Pinterest

Ball Gowns are among the most-wishlisted bridal lehenga trends of 2024. If you are an Indian bride who dreams of wearing a Met Gala-like gown, the time has come to flaunt it to perfection. Exaggerated ball gown lehengas with innovative draping style and sheer net sleeves can be your D-Day dress when you walk down the aisle. 

If you are a bride-to-be who wishes to uncover the right balance between traditional and modern attire, then 2024 is the time for you to glow. We hope you like this bridal lehenga trends 2024 compilation, follow your favourite one and let the good vibes in.

34. More Poppy Colours with Neutral

Source: Pinterest

The fusion of vibrant poppy colours with neutral tones has redefined contemporary lehenga fashion. The perfect blend of the two marries over-the-top designs with subtlety, letting wearers express dynamism and sophistication. Appealing to the modern generation, such bridal lehenga trends in 2024 have found their place in traditional ceremonies.

Styling Tip: It is advised to choose neutral accessories to avoid overshadowing poppy colours. When it comes to the bridal lehenga designs of 2024, a beige or cream clutch and heels will provide balance. You can also finish the look with delicate gold or silver jewellery that complements the overall colour palette.

35. Saree-like Lehenga Drape

Source: Pinterest

Marrying the traditional saree’s elegance with the lehenga’s grandeur, the saree-like lehenga drape has emerged as a trendsetter. This style allows for the ease of lehenga wear with the classic appeal of a saree, offering versatility for various occasions. The increasing popularity of such bridal lehenga trends in 2024 celebrates the seamless blend of tradition and modernity in contemporary fashion.

Styling Tip: You can elevate this look with traditional jewellery such as a Kundan choker and Matha Patti. For footwear, go with embroidered juttis. Keep the makeup classic with a bold lip colour reflecting the hues in the saree.

36. More Pastels Pastel shades

More Pastel Shades - Bridal Lehenga Trends
Source: Pinterest

With their subtle allure, this bridal lehenga trends in 2024 has found significant prominence in lehenga designs. Conveying sophistication, grace, and timeless beauty, they cater to the fashion preferences of those who admire understated elegance. Perfect for daytime events and summer weddings, pastel lehengas exemplify modern femininity.

Styling Tip: Pastels demand subtle elegance. Opt for pearl or minimalistic silver jewellery. Hair styled in loose waves or a low, messy bun and nude makeup will enhance the soft tones of the outfit.

37. Pastel Peach and Gold

Pastel Peach And Gold - Bridal Lehenga Trends
Source: Pinterest

The ethereal combination of pastel peach with golden embellishments offers a regal yet contemporary look. This pairing accentuates the lehenga’s aesthetics, evoking feelings of royalty and elegance. Such bridal lehenga trends in 2024 are perfect for those who wish to maintain tradition with a touch of modern charm. No wonder it continues to rise in popularity on social media and bridal styling.

Styling Tip: Go for gold-toned accessories and footwear to complement these latest bridal lehenga designs in 2024. A statement maang tikka or chunky bangles can amplify the outfit’s charm. Peach-tinted makeup will tie the look together beautifully.

38. Multi-color Weaving and Embellishment

Multi Color Weaving And Embellishment - Bridal Lehenga Trends
Source: Pinterest

Multicolor weaving and embellishments celebrate the rich tapestry of Indian textile artistry, making this one of the top bridal lehenga trends in 2024. These lehengas stand out for their vibrant, intricate designs that tell a story through patterns and hues. A testament to skilled craftsmanship, they are a favourite for those wanting to make a vivid style statement.

Styling Tip: With the lehenga being the focus, choose a single colour palette for your accessories. Neutral footwear will prevent the look from becoming too busy. Statement earrings without a necklace can balance the embellished look.

39. Fuchsia Pink Is In

Fuchsia Pink Is In - Bridal Lehenga Trends
Source: Pinterest

Fuchsia pink lehengas exude vibrancy, passion, and youthful energy. This shade, which once was a bold choice, has become mainstream, resonating with brides and fashionistas alike. With its capacity to turn heads and radiate confidence, fuchsia pink rightfully claims its spot in contemporary bridal lehenga trends in 2024

Styling Tip: Pair with silver or diamond jewellery for contrast. A stylish silver clutch and metallic heels can add some sparkle. Smokey eyes and a lighter pink lip shade can beautifully offset the vivid hue.

40. Maroon and Ochre

Maroon And Ochre - Bridal Lehenga Trends
Source: Pinterest

The rich depth of maroon coupled with the earthy tones of ochre creates a mesmerising contrast. This combination, rooted in tradition yet fresh in appeal, is ideal for those seeking a unique blend of the old and the new. Such bridal lehenga trends in 2024 are a testament to the timeless elegance of Indian fashion.

Styling Tip: Opt for vintage gold jewellery pieces like a choker or long necklace. Deep gold or bronze footwear will complement this combination. An earthy makeup look with a maroon lip shade will enhance the ensemble’s richness.

41. Flared Pink Charm

Flared Pink Charm - Bridal Lehenga Trends
Source: Pinterest

Flared pink lehengas embody grace and exuberance with their voluminous skirts. They are particularly loved for their twirl-worthy design, making them a favourite for dance-filled celebrations. The popularity of such bridal lehenga trends in 2024 reflects the continuous allure of pink in Indian festive wear.

Styling Tip: Elevate the volume with stacked bangles or kadas. Silver or crystal jewellery will add a modern touch. Go for a romantic hairstyle, like a braided updo and soft pink makeup.

42. Red Alternatives

Red Alternatives - Bridal Lehenga Trends
Source: Pinterest

While traditional bridal wear is synonymous with red, contemporary fashion sees a shift towards diverse red alternatives. From deep crimsons to rusty reds, these shades provide modern brides with fresh options that respect tradition while offering uniqueness.

Styling Tip: This bridal lehenga trends in 2024 recommends that you choose contrasting jewellery like green emerald or turquoise. Traditional gold juttis and a potli bag can complete the look. Go bold with the lip colour, choosing a shade deeper than the lehenga.

43. The Lotus Lehenga

The Lotus Lehenga - Bridal Lehenga Trends
Source: Pinterest

Inspired by the serene beauty of the lotus, such bridal lehenga trends in 2024 embrace delicate designs and soothing colours. They symbolise purity, elegance, and resilience, appealing to those who seek a blend of symbolism and style in their attire.

Styling Tip: Opt for accessories that evoke nature, like floral motifs or leaf designs. Pair with beige or soft gold heels. Soft, dewy makeup with rosy cheeks will complement the theme.

44. Pastels, Frills and Bling

Pastel, Frills And Bling - Bridal Lehenga Trends
Source: Pinterest

One of the top bridal lehenga trends in 2024, this one marries the understated beauty of pastels with the flamboyance of frills and bling. Perfect for the modern diva who adores a mix of subtlety and glamour, these lehengas are a testament to evolving fashion narratives.

Styling Tip: With so much going on, keep the accessories minimalistic. A pair of statement earrings may suffice. Opt for strappy silver or crystal heels and a shimmering makeup look.

45. Bride in Burgundy

Bride In Burgandy - Bridal Lehenga Trends
Source: Pinterest

With its deep wine hue, this bridal lehenga trends in 2024 has become extremely popular. Exuding depth, passion, and luxury, burgundy lehengas are for brides who wish to make a bold statement while retaining a touch of traditional opulence.

Styling Tip: Deep gold or bronze jewellery will add a regal touch. A detailed embroidered clutch and matching heels will enhance the bridal feel. Deep wine-coloured lips and gold eyeshadow can be the makeup highlight.

46. The Peacock Lehenga

The Peacock Lehenga - Bridal Lehenga Trends
Source: Pinterest

Drawing inspiration from the majestic peacock, these lehengas showcase vibrant blues and greens with shimmering embellishments. Such bridal lehenga trends in 2024 symbolise beauty, grace, and pride, making them a popular choice for those seeking to blend nature’s charm with fashion.

Styling Tip: Incorporate peacock feather motifs in your accessories for continuity. Choose jewel-toned heels like teal or sapphire. A metallic blue eyeliner or eyeshadow will accentuate the eyes.

47. The Mughal Princess

The Mughal Princess - Bridal Lehenga Trends
Source: Pinterest

Inspired by the grandeur of the Mughal era, such bridal lehenga trends in 2024 are replete with intricate embroideries, regal colours, and luxurious fabrics. They transport the wearer to an age of royal splendour, making them perfect for those desiring a historical touch to their ensemble.

Styling Tip: Layered jewellery, such as multiple strands of pearls or intricately designed gold, is apt. Traditional juttis and a vintage potli bag will complete the royal appearance. Opt for kohl-lined eyes and deep red lips.

48. Self-Tone Embellishment & Ruffles Lehengas

Self-Tone Embellishment & Ruffle Lehengas - Bridal Lehenga Trends
Source: Pinterest

Featuring self-tone embellishments and ruffles, these are the epitome of modern elegance. The tone-on-tone detailing offers a sophisticated look, while ruffles add a playful touch. Such bridal lehenga trends in 2024 blend traditional and contemporary styling, favoured by those seeking a balance between classic and trendy.

Styling Tip: With the focus on texture and ruffles, go for sleek and simple accessories like stud earrings and a dainty bracelet. Nude heels will keep the focus on the lehenga. A chic ponytail or bun with subtle, glowy makeup will be perfect.

FAQs on Bridal Lehenga Trends

1. Which type of lehenga is in trend 2024? 

Based on past trends, there’s a noticeable move towards fusion styles. Saree-like lehenga drapes and those with contemporary twists, like added ruffles or self-tone embellishments, are on the rise. There is also a penchant for designs that blend tradition with modern aesthetics.

2. What is the colour trend for bridal lehenga in 2024? 

Traditionally, red has always been the primary colour for bridal lehenga trends. However, there has been an inclination towards alternative hues and more diverse palettes in recent years. Shades like burgundy, deep wine, pastels, and even unconventional colours like greys and blues have been gaining traction. In 2024, we might see a continuation of this trend with more brides choosing personalised colour palettes that resonate with their personal style.

3. What is the trend in Indian brides in 2024? 

Trending bridal designs in 2024 have been evolving to reflect a mix of traditional and contemporary styles. Brides might lean towards outfits that offer comfort without compromising on grandeur. This could translate to lighter lehengas, modern jewellery designs, and more minimalistic yet statement-making looks. Additionally, sustainable fashion brands and ethically made outfits could be a significant trend, given the global shift towards sustainability.

4. What is the colour of Indian weddings in 2024? 

Indian weddings, known for their vibrant and diverse colour palettes, have been opening up to more pastel and muted shades in decor and outfits while maintaining splashes of traditional bold colours. In 2024, we might see a blend of these soft tones with classic golds, deep maroons, or greens, creating a harmonious and contemporary ambience with these Bridal trending lehengas.

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