24 Types Of Skirts & Suitable For Different Body Types

In today’s world different types of skirts are available to choose from. This makes it a difficult task to find the right type of skirt that suits you. There are some noticeable picks, like pencil skirts and flared skirts, but due to the excessive options available, you would miss out on a few. Without a doubt, from lacy skirts to jeans skirts and beyond, there is something for each persons preference. If you’re the type of person who always gets excited about creating a new look and style, then the skirt would be just what you need. Whether you favor a knee length length hemline or just love to wear something shorter, no matter what, your needs have all been well catered for and you are all set to start learning from this amazing reading. Check out these 24 best types of skirts with names, and find out which one suits your fashion the most!

Types Of Skirts

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All Types Of Skirt That You Will Love

1. A-line Skirt

An A-line skirt is among the timeless types of skirts that can match many different occasions and personalities. If you are one of those people who wish to look taller, then you need to go with an A-line skirt. A-line skirts, with a wide hemline, create a long sweeping effect that curves from the knees down. A-line skirts are typically made out of heavy fabrics that perfectly work for cold weather, such as velvet or wool. They belong to the class of skirts having various hues and designs; therefore, you can get the one that fits your personality.

types of skirts with name - A-line Skirt

If you’re wearing an A-line skirt with a loose top, make sure you wear a belt to accentuate your waist. This will help you create a more defined shape and draw attention to your lower half. When it comes to shoes, A-line skirts pair well with almost anything. You can go with a classic like heels or flats, or try something with a bit of edge like a pair of boots.

2. Flared Skirt

A flared skirt is among the types of skirts that have a wider bottom area which makes the whole dress look wider and loose. Flared skirts are types of skirts that are great for showcasing your legs and hence are the ideal option for the summer season. Your skinny legs may consider shifting away from a flared skirt because it can make them look even skinny. Flared skirts come out in various fabrics such as denim, cotton, and silk.

types of skirts with name - Flared Skirt

This type of skirt is available in various colors and designs, so you to choose one that coincides with your taste and trend of the day. Be extra cautious when wearing a flared skirt with low-fitted tops or sweaters. This is why the bottom hemline of the top and the hemline of the skirt are probably different. Instead, choose a fitting top. As a rule, flared skirts look well with shoes with heels or sandals. This helps to keep you from looking too casual and contributes to the outfit looking pulled together.

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3. Wrapped skirt

A wrapped skirt is amog the types of skirt that is secured skirt that has an angled hemline with a considerably longer front and a shorter back. This makes a one of a kind look with the element that goes all around your front and creates a new unique design. Unlike another types of skirts, a wrapped skirt is shorter at back and may be somewhat risky if you aren’t careful about your body movements.

types of skirts with name - Wrapped skirt
Source: Outfit Trends

Avoid having a wardrobe crisis by wearing a skirt style that wraps around your body with matching either a tank top or loose top. Wrapped skirts composed of chiffon for the most part can be used for the summer season. They also come in a range of bold designs and colors that are perfect for either the autumn or winter season.

4. Mini Skirt

A mini skirt, on the other hand, is among the types of skirt that can end at the knee, or even above it. It is shorter than the regular skirt, thus making it great for casual wear and events that need you to look party-ready. A mini skirt brings out the sleekness and bolder look for women. If you have doubts whether you want to wear one or not, then try matching your hat with boots or low-tone heels to achieve balance.

types of skirts with name - Mini Skirt

Check out these shops if you need a stylish mini skirt. Mini skirts are predominantly made from light fabric, for example, chiffon but there are some variations that are made from denim which is more breathable.

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5. Pencil skirts

A pencil skirt is among the types of skirt that normally flares from below the knees and ends with a straight, sharp hemline. The majority of people love to pick these skirts for their offices and meetings as well as other formal events like business conferences and special occasions. Skirts using a pen elongate your legs and that is very usual in case you want to give a professional impression or you work in a business environment. If you are wearing a strapless dress you have to wear something over your shoulders as not to suffer from a wardrobe malfunction.

types of skirts with name - Pencil skirts

It is easy to feel like wearing pencil skirts is only graceful for special events, but that is as the opposite. They come in different kinds of materials, such as cotton or linen, and some can even be produced from velvet. As well as these types of skirts are available in a range of colors, patterns, and styles. Their versatile nature makes them a perfect alternative for periodical wear even if you have a conservative working environment.

6. Pleated Skirt

The pleated skirt itself is a style of skirt that has folds or pleats at the hemline. Pleated skirts are undoubtedly the choice for individual physiques such as pear-shaped bodies or hourglass figures. If you have a pear shape, pleated skirts can get you effectively styled and enhance your shape. This way, they make the figure look like it has a narrower waist and a more curvy bottom part. If you are an hourglass shape, a pleated skirt will make your waist appear smaller and your hips to widen, when you appear more balanced.

types of skirts with name - Pleated Skirt

A pleat is a form of the fold, you have several options — either full or half. A full-pleated skirt traditionally hangs down longer than a half-pleated skirt. It looks more formal and is usually good for workplace wear. Pleated skirts are typically cut into half to the knee region and are perfect for casual outfits.

7. Balloon Skirt

The balloon skirt is a very full skirt one and has a very tidy hemline. These types of skirts are usually made of bulky fabrics like velvet which is perfect for cold weather. Baggy skirts featuring balloon skirts are the best for ladies who have an hourglass or pear body structure.

types of skirts with name - Balloon Skirt

For miniature bodies, tiny balloon skirts may look larger than your true size. Balloon skirts are most chic when combined with heels or boots that elevate their looks, or with flats for a more everyday appeal.

8. Denim Skirt

Denim skirts look fantastic when worn in summer and also in autumn. Generally, they are dark, if however, you want a softer tone, there is also a beige one for you. Denim skirt fits great for office settings, but as the weather worsens it can replace with a knee-length skirt.

types of skirts with name - Denim Skirt

If you intend to choose between a denim skirt and a regular skirt based on your life-style, you have to consider the type of lifestyle. If you are the kind of person who spend a lot of time at the outdoors, the denim skirt may be more suitable for you [then]. This funky denim outfit would definitely last longer than your normal jeans as it is as durable as a regular skirt.

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9. Maxi Skirt

A maxi dress is among the types of skirts with a hemline that is just about the floor which makes them very comfortable. Maxi skirts have multiple different functions in life. People use them to dress casually at home, as well as attend formal occasions like weddings and galas. The options for Maxi attire, dresses, and skirts are available in the variety of fabrics such as cotton and velvet. Moreover, they have come in quite several hues and designs that will always suit your individual preference.

types of skirts with name - Maxi Skirt

Maxi skirts go great with many different body types and can skim over the parts you do not want others to see. If you’re pear-shaped and maxi skirt is what you’re all about, you can also use the fabric to contour your curves by pulling it around the waist. When you’re hip-dominant and you put on a maxi skirt, you should let the skirt fall lower on your butt to highlight your curves.

10. Peplum skirt

The peplum skirt is one of the types of skirts where fabric is overlaid at the hem of the skirt to create a peplum. This is achieved either as an artistic choice to have an impressive-looking fuller skirt or as a cover-up for the skirt’s unfinished hem. Skirts of a peplum-fitting style are normally worn at the knee or above the knee, so they’d be the perfect choice for people who want to wear short dresses but not something too revealing.

types of skirts with name - Peplum skirt

Peplum skirts will also be donned with a belt, which can help to raise up the entire skirt or pull it a little lower around your waist.

11. Tulip skirt

A tulip skirt is among the standard types of skirts that are particularly common among office workers and parties. A-line skirt cut of the tulip style fit with a hemline just above the knees. This is pretty good if you just want to stay a bit formal and have something fashionable in your dressing. For tulip skirts, the fabric should be thicker while yet draping comfortably so that they cost higher than other types of skirts.

types of skirts with name - Tulip skirt

Tulip skirts save for very occasionally gentle pumps or flats that are not too high heel due to the slant of the skirt. A fit to flare tulip skirt is one of the few options that one can wear so as to hide their legs in the months when the temperature is quite low. A tulip skirt would however still be a great option as its style is not affected at all by the low temperatures.

12. Yoke skirt

The Yoke Skirt is an A-line skirt with a yoke panel top that fits well & holds in the middle, which allows room for the skirt to hang & adjust freely. Along with other skirts, these are considered a casual skirt and you can often see such kinds of people who are fond of sporting activities. The yoke skirt is the same with the breathable fabric so that you can wear it anytime, also, it is normally in a shorter length.

types of skirts with name - Yoke skirt

The yoke skirt will be perfect if you desire to wear a skirt and at the same time, dislike visible legs. Floor-length skirts, regarding their fit, can bring out the perfect shape on the body type of a pear-shaped girl. However, they are likely better suited for those who are not of that shape. The yoke panel aids well to your lower half in bringing an illusion of balance, you end with slimmer and toned thighs and legs.

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13. Tiered and layered skirts

A Tiered skirt has several tiers/panels that are separated by different height bands corresponding to different widths, thereby, producing a shorter hem at the bottom. The tiered skirts are amongst the types of skirts that may vary in their lengths usually the maxi or midi skirts are used but tiered skirts of other lengths can be found too. If you want to wear a skirt but still keep in mind the weather, a tiered skirt probably it is made from a lighter fabric and is a great choice.

types of skirts with name - Tiered and layered skirts

For people who have relatively short legs, layered skirts can fatten up your leg regions in case you want to give a simple through complex appearance to your lower body. Albeit, any type of body can easily wear this item of clothing; however, the tiered skirt looks good on an hourglass figure the most.

14. Cowl skirt

Cowl skirt is one of A-line skirt family and it is styled like a tube or cylinder which gets wider at the hem. Other than that, the rest of the skirt is normally narrower than the hem. Knee-length cowl skirts are usually the norm but may come in shorter versions. The cowl skirt is invariably crafted from a lightweight fabric to it perfectly suit the warmer months and such an outfit could be a good option if you need a skirt but feel your legs are not a worthy option right now.

types of skirts with name - Cowl skirt

The cowl definitely gives a more extended look with legs if you are shorter so no doubt it is the best for short narrow/self. The cowl skirt can fit all body types, but those with  an hourglass body type will be the best ones to rock it.

15. Asymmetrical Skirts

types of skirts with name - Asymmetrical Skirts

In today’s world asymmetrical skirts are like the A-line skirt but with a more modern look, are a very popular version of the classic types of skirts. They have a discrepant hem length, whereby one side is off-point shorter than the other, giving a gorgeous outline to a wearer. Themselves with a diagonal cut that permits you to look taller and slimmer simply by swiping your hips sideways and doubling the waists. For women, who want to have such skirts to balance their wardrobe, the type of skirt is an excellent one. The asymmetric skirt upgraded the Bohemian, urban, beach, casual chic, and romantic look of ladies’ clothes significantly well.

Choosing between knitted, denim, printed tops or a simple t-shirt covering a bump creates a new difficulty. It is important to have several shirts and dresses in the closet to keep the choice unlimited. This means that you will probably need to try on something more eccentric, like a long hem skirt that is trimmed at the side with a simple plain halter-neck top, shirt or blouse. Add a pair of laced-up or platformed boots to create a classy look or couple it with sneakers for a relaxed one.

16. Box Pleat Skirts

types of skirts with name - Box Pleat Skirts

These are the types of skirts that have broad and difficult folds that just start at your waist and then they just flare out and out and out like this. Those are pleat skirts, that is to say, box pleat ones! They were an it-garment of the fashion world for decades. The special feature of them however is that the pleats are flat at the over and now they begin to open up as they move down. The accord with your aim for a classy, elegant look determines the skirt to be a crushing flaw. Plaids, solids, and florals are the top printed type skirts category.

You can accessorize a mini pencil pleat skirt with a full-sleeved turtle top and heel-top shoes to produce a transitional model. To get an effortless look, why don’t you pair them up with a cropped tank top or T-shirt and sneakers of course.

17. Bubble Skirts

types of skirts with name - Bubble Skirts

Bubble skirts are the types of skirts that are a fusion of fantasy and the finery of contemporary styling. Featured with an unconventional hemline that has been tucked back, it can achieve a distinct effect of having “little bubbles” floating on top. The above design not only showcases the playfulness element but also emphasizes the uniqueness of the piece. This becomes the defining feature making it the envy piece in any wardrobe. The little bit of bunched-together feel of the design gives you a new look while also making you feel young and fresh.

Here, the topic of conversation is what of these skirts is best for you when out on a romantic date or for a special event. You have to choose one. Whether style or character is your first concern, they will not let you down. Change these with a stylish blouse and heel straps or lace-ups in order to create a fierce look.

18. Circular Skirts

types of skirts with name - Circular Skirts

These items of clothing have been woven into the language of fashion for many years, and it’s not hard to understand the reason behind their longevity. This type of skirts is constructed in a single circle of fabric and the cascade down give it a wonderfully free and feminine silhouette. When it sways in every step, spinning and circling, is reminiscent of the romantic and nostalgic feelings. Some of these modes have a touch of magic, very easily assimilating the old charm with the modern trend.

Circular skirts are multifunctional, therefore, they are preferred for both walk in the park and moonlit dances. Their style is borrowed from the days when girls were dolled up in dresses, spinning around and lightening up the atmosphere. Are you aiming to be a new Audrey Hepburn or just desire to be a standout person you can prefer to have round skirts in your closet.

19. Gathered Skirts

types of skirts with name - Gathered Skirts

Gathered skirts among the skirts that are timeless. They have this tidy design where the fabric is bound around the waistband, giving it this breezy and voluminous feeling. These skirts may evoke feelings of carefree and peace.

When wearing such skirts, you can get quite creative with the styling. The perfect office look can be achieved by going for a knee-length gathered skirt in a solid color and using it together with a tailored blouse or a crisp button-down shirt. Put on a belt to highlight your waist and then choose either pump heels or loafers for your shoes.

20. Bodycon Skirts

types of skirts with name - Bodycon Skirts

Bodycon skirts are the best friend of you best when you want to catch your attention at a party.. The skirt is made from stretchable fabric. It is meant to be fit in places like the hips, waist, and thighs. It is amongst the types of skirts that would make people’s heads turn towards you.

Be it a date outfit or a clubbing look with friends, a bodycon skirt is always going to result in you feeling perfectly confident and glamorous. It is saying that a piece of gown that is bold and delicate at the same time is perfect for women who like to do things rationally and be sure about themselves.

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21. Wrap-Around Skirt (Sarong)

types of skirts with name - Wrap-Around Skirt (Sarong)

Skirt with wrap is also termed as sarong and it is a versatile style that can be used in various ways. The material for this dress is a single long strip of cloth that is wrapped around the waist and secured on the side with a knotted. These types of skirts are normally used by beachgoers to cover up body parts that are not supposed to be exposed. Generally, we toil on behalf of warm-breathed, movable fabrics having a vibrancy in prints and patterns.

Put on these skirts and boho feel of complete yourself. Combine them with a bikini top and flip-flops to achieve a beachy chic vibe, or wear them with a tank top and sandals for a relaxed summer look. Well, it may be poolside which you would like to relax or maybe the temperate climate escapade you desire; the sarong skirt is versatile enough for day or nighttime wear.

22. Ethnic Maxi Skirts

types of skirts with name - Ethnic Maxi Skirts

Ethnic maxi skirts, being a favorite range, bringing forth bright colors and details are the style that appetites people. Indeed, if you practice fashion and are in love with these wonderful pieces, you must get them for use. They pay homage to the Indian culture and they are believers in the combination of the past and the future. These types of skirts are made out of silk, cotton, chiffon, etc., among the materials that offer a different look and feel. What should therefore determine your choice is what suits you best on the occasion you are dressing for.

These skirts are so versatile! Hence, choose any of the top pieces that go along with the print the embellished blouse, or a solid ( shirt( or top.) Add an enchanting touch to the entire look by dressing it up with ethnic jewelry like bangles, armlets, or earrings; and this now reflects a beautiful fusion look.

23. Tulle Skirts

types of skirts with name - Tulle Skirts

The tulle skirts are perfect for adding a touch of playfulness and femininity that can reshape your every look. They are created utilizing tulle, a delightful touch that weighs not very much and has a net-like look of it. They represent types of skirts that have lots of layers of tulle that make an immense and ethereal effect. There are countless T-shirts in many different colors, lengths, and designs made for everyone, whether you are a fashion enthusiast or a jeans and sneakers kind of person. Let’s give your appearance some fun and pizzazz by a choosing tulle skirt.

What is more, you can change the dress depending on how you want to look, and the occasion. For example, you can pair the pleated skirt with a crop top and heels for a glamorous look; and you can just wear a T-shirt and sneakers for a smart casual vibe.

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24. Lace Skirts

types of skirts with name - Lace Skirts

Lace Skirts are the types of skirts that are simply beautiful. The glamor and splendor of the rhinestones make almost any outfit wonderful just by putting it on. The magic comes alive and the wearer visually becomes a fairytale character. Having an interesting design twist, the lace fabric features its delicacy and grace, gives elegance to your outfit as well makes it bizarrely magical at the same time. So far, models in the past, present, and future have had a vital place in the fashion industry. Hence, why not put trust in a lace skirt and be the admired beauty that it equally adds to its mastery?

The lace skirt is the center of attention for the people who love fashion, these skirts are the experimental pieces that may be used for a million events. More options can be created when the lace skirt is mixed with different blouses in different textures, in order to highlight its multi-functionality and individualism. You can be able to make different styles as well as from formal to casual.


Q1. How many types of skirts are there? 

There are many types of skirts available in the world of fashion. Each possesses unique charm, characteristics and style. From ancient civilisations to modern trends, skirts have evolved into various forms and silhouettes, leaving women spoilt for choice. 

q2.What are the 9 kinds of skirts? 

The top nine kinds of skirts in India include ethnic, A-line, asymmetrical, maxi, denim, wrap-around, ruffle, pencil and box-pleat. They come in various colours, prints, lengths, and fabrics, allowing you to choose a skirt that suits your body type, comfort level and personality. 

Q3. What are the main types of skirts? 

The different types of skirts are mainly classified into three categories:

  • Mini: A short skirt that typically falls above the knee, popularised in the 1960s as a symbol of youth and liberation.
  • Maxi: A long skirt that reaches the ankles or floor, often made of flowy fabrics, suitable for a bohemian or elegant look.
  • Midi: A skirt that falls between the knee and ankle, offering a versatile option for casual, party and formal occasions.

Q4. What skirt is best for my body type? 

This depends on the individual. For example, A-line skirts can flatter pear-shaped bodies by balancing out wider hips, while pencil skirts can accentuate an hourglass figure. It is recommended to try on different styles and see which ones you feel most confident and comfortable in. 

Q5. What are the different types of skirts available in fashion? 

Tulle, peplum, pleated, asymmetrical, denim, and ruffle styles are some of the trending types of skirts. However, they are not the only ones. Many other styles, such as flared, maxi, pencil, wrap-around, trumpet, tulip, and more, are popular and fashionable. The popularity of these all types of skirts is influenced by their appearance in famous web series, movies, fashion runways and more. 

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