15 Great Women’s Day Celebration Ideas for The Workplace 

Every thriving workspace has a blend of diverse talents and perspectives. International Women’s Day gives us the perfect opportunity to celebrate the remarkable contributions of women, the architects of innovation and resilience in our professional lives.

Let’s take this moment to go beyond the usual and truly make an impact. It’s about getting creative and authentic, creating experiences that reflect our genuine admiration and respect. With our curated list of Women’s Day celebration ideas, show your heartfelt appreciation and unwavering support for the incredible women who enrich our workspace daily.

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About Women’s Day

Celebrated on March 8th, International Women’s Day is a global homage to women’s achievements and the continual quest for equality. It’s a day to honour women’s pivotal role in creating a more balanced and fair society.

The theme for International Women’s Day 2024, “Count Her In: Accelerating Gender Equality Through Economic Empowerment,” speaks volumes. It urges organizations to recognise women’s contributions and actively empower them economically.

In tune with this theme, explore our top Women’s Day celebration ideas in office, designed to underscore the incredible contributions of women and foster an atmosphere of recognition, unity, and inspiration within our professional spaces.

1. Gift Movie Tickets to Female Employees

Movie Tickets - Women's Day Celebration Ideas
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Movies can inspire and provoke thought. Gifting movie tickets to female employees offers them a chance to unwind and enjoy narratives that champion strong female leads or are directed by women, supporting and recognizing the creative brilliance of women in filmmaking. 

This gesture goes beyond entertainment; it’s about resonating with the challenges, joys, and triumphs that these cinematic pieces portray. You can also brainstorm more Women’s Day gift ideas for employees that align with the day’s spirit. 

2. Make Thank You Videos

Thank You Videos -  Women's Day Celebration Ideas
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In a digital era where connectivity transcends physical boundaries, ‘Thank You’ videos are heartfelt tokens of appreciation. Crafting personalised videos with Women’s Day wishes to colleagues, spotlighting their dedication and achievements. It’s about creating a moment of genuine recognition, where their hard work and contributions are acknowledged and celebrated. 

These videos can be shared in a common forum or sent individually, ensuring that each woman’s story of perseverance and success is heard and honoured. Ask your teammates questions such as, “Who’s the most inspiring woman in our office?” or “Can you share a moment when a female colleague’s support made a significant difference for you?”

3. Host Storytelling Event

Host Storytelling Event -  Women's Day Celebration Ideas
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Stories are the threads that weave the fabric of our existence, rich with emotions, lessons, and experiences. Hosting a storytelling event in the office is akin to opening a treasure chest of narratives, each echoing women’s strength, wisdom, and resilience. 

Invite employees to share tales of women who have inspired them—be it a global figure, a family member, or a colleague. These Women’s Day activities in office are all about connecting, understanding, and finding fragments of our own stories in the narratives of others.

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4. Host Tea or Coffee Parties

Host Tea or Coffee Parties -  Women's Day Celebration Ideas
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Sharing a cup of tea or coffee can knit together moments of warmth and camaraderie. Organise tea or coffee parties as informal gatherings within your office. It’s an opportunity for employees to pause, engage, and bond over casual conversations. 

These coffee catch-ups can become the cradle for exchanging ideas, sharing experiences, and fostering a sense of community. Experience togetherness, relaxation, and informal interaction with these Women’s Day celebration ideas to nurture relationships and understanding. It’s a space where employees can gather, unwind before the day’s hustle, and foster a sense of belonging.

5. Host a Fashion Show

Host A Fashion Show -  Women's Day Celebration Ideas
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Fashion is an expression, a language of individuality and culture. Hosting a fashion show in the office celebrates this expressive diversity. Encourage employees to participate, showcasing their unique styles or traditional attire, turning the office into a vibrant tapestry of colours, patterns, and stories. 

These kinds of Women’s Day celebration ideas transcend the routine, bringing forth the creativity, elegance, and personal narratives each outfit carries. This fashion show is not just about the clothes; it’s about the stories, the heritage, and the individual journeys they represent.

6. Recognition Awards

Recognition Awards -  Women's Day Celebration Ideas
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Recognition is a powerful affirmation of one’s efforts and achievements. Implementing a recognition awards system specifically for Women’s Day celebration ideas is a tangible expression of your appreciation for the female workforce. These awards could be for various categories—leadership, innovation, teamwork, or even community service. 

Acknowledge the multifaceted contributions of women in your office to let their brilliance shine and inspire others. Host an awards ceremony that highlights their professional accomplishments and celebrates their personal growth and resilience. Allow space for recipients to share their stories or insights, turning the ceremony into a platform for motivation and collective learning. 

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7. Create an Art Gallery In Office

Art Gallery In Office -  Women's Day Celebration Ideas
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As a part of these Women’s Day celebration ideas, encourage discussions about the artworks, the stories they tell, and the emotions they evoke. This is more than an exhibition; it’s a celebration of creativity, a recognition of talent, and an avenue for expression and connection.

8. Bring in a Special Guest Speaker

Bring In Guest Speaker -  Women's Day Celebration Ideas
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Knowledge grows when shared, and who better to illuminate minds than a special guest speaker? Invite a distinguished female leader, innovator, or thinker to your office. Such sessions are not just about listening but about engaging, questioning, and learning. 

With these Women’s Day celebration ideas, your employees gain insights, seek advice, and get inspired by the journeys of successful women who have carved their paths in various fields. Ensure an interactive Q&A session, allowing employees to directly connect, discuss challenges, and glean wisdom from the speaker’s experiences.

9. Host Open Mic-Night Event

Open Mic-Night Event -  Women's Day Celebration Ideas
Source: Pinterest

An open mic night is a canvas for expression, an evening where words, music, and emotions flow unrestricted. Host these Women’s Day celebration ideas in your office, inviting employees to share their poems, stories, songs, or stand-up comedy pieces. 

This can be a great platform to celebrate diversity, creativity, and the courage to express. It’s about building a community where voices are heard, respected, and celebrated, fostering an environment of inclusivity and respect.

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10. Share Inspiring Stories

Share Inspiring Stories -  Women's Day Celebration Ideas
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Inspiration can spark from the most unexpected corners. Encourage your employees to share stories of women who have inspired them. Create a dedicated space in your office—a bulletin board, a digital forum, or a section in your internal newsletter—where these stories are showcased. 

Highlighting these personal accounts underlines the importance of Women’s Day, fostering a culture of recognition and appreciation for women’s enduring influence and achievements in all aspects of life. So, why not culminate this initiative with a ‘Storytelling Session’ as one of your Women’s Day celebration ideas? 

11. Women’s Day Luncheon

Women's Day Luncheon -  Women's Day Celebration Ideas
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A Women’s Day luncheon is a gesture of appreciation, a time to indulge and celebrate the presence of the remarkable women in your office. Organise a special luncheon in the office or at a curated venue. Ensure that every aspect of the event, from the menu to the decor, is thoughtful and resonates with appreciation and recognition.

Incorporate this luncheon into your Women’s Day celebration ideas by inviting a guest chef to prepare dishes that celebrate women’s culinary contributions worldwide. Enhance the ambience with music by iconic female artists, and end the luncheon with an award presentation or a toast to the remarkable women in your office, making it a memorable and heartfelt appreciation event altogether.

12. Team Outing

Team Outing -  Women's Day Celebration Ideas
Source: Pinterest

Step out of the office confines and plan a team outing, perhaps to an art exhibition by a female artist or a workshop that resonates with the theme of Women’s Day. It’s about breaking the monotony, fostering team bonding, and creating shared experiences that are cherished and remembered.

Include this team outing in your Women’s Day celebration ideas by organising a guided cultural tour or a creative workshop led by female professionals in the community. This will enrich the team’s perspective, mutual trust and friendship among individuals who spend much time together.

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13. Personalised Coffee Mugs

Personalized Coffee Mugs -  Women's Day Celebration Ideas
Source: Pinterest

Simple yet profound, personalised coffee mugs can be a constant reminder of the organisation’s appreciation and respect for its employees. Customise these mugs with inspirational quotes, artworks, or messages that resonate with the spirit of Women’s Day, making each sip a reminder of the unique identity and contribution of every individual in the office.

As part of your Women’s Day celebration ideas, consider hosting a ‘Design Your Mug’ workshop where employees can personalise their mugs. This will make the gift more meaningful and encourage creativity and self-expression. Display the finished mugs in a common area before distributing them, showcasing each woman’s collective creativity and individuality to your workplace.

14. Create a Photo Booth

Create A Photo Booth -  Women's Day Celebration Ideas
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A photo booth, themed around empowerment and achievements, can be a corner of joy and creativity in the office. Stock it with props, quotes, and backdrops celebrating women’s accomplishments and contributions. It’s not just about capturing moments; it’s about creating memories that echo the spirit of recognition, joy, and collective celebration.

Arrange this photo booth for your Women’s Day celebration ideas by organising a ‘Power Pose’ challenge. Encourage employees to strike their most empowering pose in the booth. You can then create a vibrant photo collage from these snapshots, symbolising unity, strength, and the diverse essence of womanhood, making it a centerpiece for your Women’s Day office decor.

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15. Arrange Online Quizzes and Trivia

Online Quizz -  Women's Day Celebration Ideas
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Knowledge can be a celebration, and what better way to celebrate than through quizzes and trivia focusing on women’s history, achievements, and influential figures? Make it a fun, engaging, and educational experience, fostering a culture of learning and curiosity.

Elevate your Women’s Day celebration ideas by turning this quiz into an annual tradition, naming it the ‘Her-story Challenge’. Offer unique rewards like books by female authors or tickets to events spotlighting women’s achievements. This sparks interest and embeds a culture of continuous learning and appreciation for women’s monumental contributions throughout history.

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Wrapping Up: Women’s Day Celebration Ideas

Bringing these Women’s Day celebration ideas to life is more than marking an occasion. It’s about showing in real, tangible ways that your organisation is deeply committed to building a workplace where everyone, especially women, feels valued, supported, and empowered daily. These ideas aren’t just plans for a day; they’re steps towards the company culture everyone strives to create—one where inclusivity and appreciation are part of our everyday rhythm.


1. How can I make Women’s Day special? 

Celebrate Women’s Day by genuinely appreciating the women in your life. Organise thoughtful activities, give personalised gifts, or spend quality time together. It’s about creating moments that honour their presence, contributions, and their unique role in your life.

2. How Can One Celebrate International Women’s Day At Work? 

For International Women’s Day celebration ideas at work, organise events that recognise and appreciate female colleagues. Host workshops, share success stories, or create a space for discussions on gender equality. It’s about fostering an environment that values and supports women’s contributions and growth.

3. How do you plan a Women’s Day program? 

To plan Women’s Day celebration ideas, identify activities that resonate with your audience. This can include sessions for recognition, professional development, and team-building. Ensure inclusivity and engagement by seeking input and offering a variety of activities that celebrate women’s achievements and advocate for gender equality.

4. Can we host or Conduct Women’s Day Virtually? 

Yes, Women’s Day can be celebrated virtually. Host online events, workshops, or discussions that allow remote participation. Utilise digital platforms for interactive sessions, virtual networking, and sharing inspirational content, ensuring everyone can partake regardless of their location.

5. Why Do We Celebrate Women’s Day? 

We celebrate Women’s Day to honour and recognise the remarkable social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. It’s a day to advocate for gender equality, reflect on progress made, and acknowledge the ongoing efforts needed to achieve equality and empowerment worldwide.

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