Top 6 Products for your Skin Care Routine

Top 6 Products for your Skin Care Routine

Over the last few years, the beauty industry has undoubtedly focused on skincare products as they enhance the skin’s health and ensure a long-lasting result. The skincare industry has been growing really fast, and there is no way that it is going to slow down anytime soon. People nowadays are opting better Skin Care and Beauty Regim to get a natural glow and radiance. We often say that we use makeup to cover up all the skin problems, but if there are very few skin related issue, then makeup would be of no use. As skin treatments can be burdensome on your pocket at times, but with the help of suitable products and regular usage, you can get a perfect skincare routine for your self from the comfort of your home. 

So here are some products that should be a part of your Skin Care Routine as they will help you get better results. 


The first and most important step for your skincare regimen is cleansing as it removes impurities and saturated dead skin layer. It also makes room for other ingredients to soak in the skin. The Koreans follow the double cleansing method, which is very much effective to get supple and youthful skin. As our every makeup and moisturizers have oily consistency they mix with our skin’s oil and clog the open pores causing acne so for that they use to cleansers first an oil-based cleanser and second a foaming cleanser as it gently removes the accumulated oil.

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Going by the chronological order toners can also be called as pre-lotions or pre-serum product. The benefits of toners are highly underrated, but if used correctly, they can help your skin get rid of the scars and acne because of their anti-inflammatory characteristics. The name of the product actually stands for tonic water as they are alcohol-free. It is generally used after the cleanser to remove residues that are might be left on the skin and also to prepare your skin for moisturizer or serum. 

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We have always heard that wearing sunscreen before stepping out for the day is the best way to protect your skin from the sun damage. Most people think that makeup products that they use are enough to provide the proper protection against the sun. The UVA and UVB rays coming from the sun hit the topmost layer of your skin called the epidermis and penetrates to the dermis. This exposure to the UV rays causes swelling, redness, irritation and sunburn. There are two types of Sunscreens the chemical sunscreen which absorbs the UV rays and the physical sunscreen which reflects the sun rays.

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Face Mask

In India, face mask has been used from thousands of years which also known as Ubtan. Ubtan is a mixed paste of herbs that is applied on the face and neck to get a radiant glow. Masks are generally highly diluted mixture of active ingredients that penetrate the skin for better appearance and texture. There various types of face masks like the clay, peel off, sheet and sleeping masks. Each of the masks addresses specific skin concerns. If you want to know more about these face masks, we will soon be uploading an article on the same.

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As we cover all the skincare products, a lot of people will naturally be confused about the use of serum on our skin. Serums are liquid which contain a strong concentrated formula that helps our skin get the required elements. If it is a moisturizer or a lotion, some of them have oil like consistency but are not face oils, and some have water like consistency but are not an essence, with all these questions and contradictions that are surrounding it one can easily get baffled while choosing the right one. We have a whole article written on the importance of serums for your and the ingredients you should be looking for. 

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Face and Hair Oil

The ancient Egyptians and Greeks have been using face and hair oils for centuries, and in recent years dermatologists have recommended it too. Most people have a misconception that face and hair oils are meant for just dry skin or dry scalp, but it is a necessary component for all the skin types. And this age-old beauty secrete helps you reduce wrinkles, prevents the skin from sun damage, moisturizes and nutritious the skin. It is your solution for long and luscious hair free from dandruff, balding and split ends. Oils such as jojoba oil, rosehip seed oil, camellia oil and castor oil are rich in vitamins and minerals that help your skin to lock in the moisture.

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With the help of all these products, you can create the best skincare routine that will give you a glowing and beautiful skin. Just keep in mind that skincare is self-care! 

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