How can women style outfits for this Republic Day?

Republic Day Outfit Ideas
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The day has arrived again when our flag flutters with pride and we celebrate another year of our democracy. With the feelings of patriotism running high, most of us immerse themselves in the colourful festivities of Republic day. So, as India celebrates its 70th Republic Day, you can borrow a few Republic day outfit ideas from this article to look your best this Republic day. So, let’s dive into the intricacies of style to paint the town in shades of saffron, green and white and find the best Republic Day outfit ideas that suits your style.

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Republic Day Dress for Ladies

It is said that languages tend to change every few hundred kilometres in India. The same idea applies to culture. The way people live and most importantly how they dress differs from region to region. Hence, we shall be focussing on this ethnic diversity to find outfits that would make you stand out from others during the celebrations.

1. Sarees

orange-saree - Republic Day Outfit Ideas

 One outfit that is pretty much worn in most regions of India is the saree. Being a popular choice in traditional wear for women, it is among the best Republic Day Outfit ideas. With the immense scope of experimentation that it offers, giving sarees a tricolour flavour is pretty easy. Here are some examples. You could take a blouse featuring either colour from the tri-colour and pair it with a contrasting colour from the tri-colour. For example, you can pair a green blouse with a white saree. If you can find one, go for a white saree with saffron or green patterns. You can try the same idea in half sarees, which are easier to wear and look just as chic. Below are the top two saree types that are best suited for Republic day.

Tricolor Sarees

Tri Color Saree - Republic Day Outfit Ideas
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The Tri-color Saree adopts Republic Day and showcases India’s multiculturalism in its true sense. The saffron, white and green colours of the national flag are boldly displayed by its elegant drapery, which is in line with the rich history and ideals of the nation. With elaborate decorations that showcase India’s rich cultural diversity, every fold conveys a tale of patriotism. Green represents faith and prosperity, white represents truth and harmony, and saffron represents valour and sacrifice. When this saree on worn by a woman, it symbolises their true patriotism towards India.

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Banarasi Saree

Banarasi Saree - Republic Day Outfit Ideas
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Banarasi Sarees are a symbol of India’s heritage, they represent India’s elegance along with cultural essence. These luxurious sarees, handwoven in Varanasi, are renowned for their intricate silk and stunning designs, often decorated with precious metals. Every Banarasi Saree is a masterpiece in its way, representing the hard work and skills of artisans. Banarasi Sarees captures India’s diversity through its minute details and Intricacy. It is among the best Republic Day Outfit Ideas for women.

2. Kurtis and Salwar Kameez

White-kurti - Republic Day Outfit Ideas

Both kurtis and salwar kameez are not only popular in the northern belt of India, but they are also creating quite a buzz in other regions of India. Apart from being visually attractive, these are easier to wear when compared to sarees and are available in just as many options. With numerous options, you can experiment a new look for every occasion. That’s exactly what you can achieve with the following tips:

  1. Multicolour jackets with traditional Gota Patti work are a popular choice that you should consider trying. To do so, pair your white kurta with your favourite denim jeans and wear a saffron jacket over the kurta.
  2. You also have the choice to pair an orange kurta with a green glasswork jacket. With this combination, you have an outfit that can outshine others anywhere.
  3. If you wish to go for a simple look, pair a tricolour dupatta with a plain white salwar kameez. This ensemble would not need accessorization and dupatta itself can be the highlight of the outfit.

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3. Accessories

tricolour-earrings - Republic Day Outfit Ideas

 Considering that people put in so much efforts in suggesting the right Republic Day outfit ideas, it is only fair that we also focus on accessories for an eye-catching finishing touch. So, read on to figure out how to add accessories in your Republic Day outfit ideas checklist.

  1. If you are opting for an orange or green coloured kurta, then go for earrings of the same colour. Colour matching is a tried and tested method that works well in styling.
  2. Carrying a tote bag featuring either colour from the tricolour can be a simple yet effective way of pulling in all the attention you are looking for.
  3. In case you are going for sarees, especially those with gold or zari work, simple gold earrings/danglers can serve as a beautiful finish for your ensemble.

With the above insights in hand, go stylish on this momentous day by indulging in the vibrancy of Indian fashion. Now after going through the complete guide it’s up to you to decide the best Republic day outfit ideas you would like to go with.

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1. What do you wear to Republic Day?

Picking up a dress with Saffron or orange colour aligns with the colour of our national flag and it can be considered as a perfect and ideal attire to wear on Republic Day. Saffron symbolises spirit of bravery and selflessness of the Indian People. You can pick anything be it a Kurta or Saree among dresses to go with for Republic Day.

2. What is the colour theme of Republic Day?

The First Band Is Saffron Or Orange indicating the strength and courage of the country. White is the second color which indicates peace and truth with Dharma Chakra. The last colour of the Indian flag is green, it indicates fertility, growth and auspiciousness of the land.

3. Why do we wear white on Republic Day?

White is often referred to as a colour of new beginnings and fresh start. Wearing a white outfit on Republic Day signifies progress towards development and a positive Change.

4. What is the motto of Republic Day?

The crux of celebrating Republic Day is to instill National pride among the citizens of India. Another reason is to bring the citizens together irrespective of culture, religious and linguistic boundaries.

5. Who Started Republic Day?

Rajendra Prasad was the first person who heralded the birth of India Republic Day on 26th January 1950 and since then the day was declared as a national holiday. From this day the Constitution allowed the Indian citizens the right to choose their own government, thus giving birth to democracy.

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