How to Buy the Right Sports Shoes?

How to Buy the Right Sports Shoes?
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If your New Year’s resolution was to begin a new fitness regime, owning a good pair of sports shoes should definitely be a priority. Buying a pair of well-fitting, comfortable sports shoes is the best investment you can make for your feet. The wrong pair could leave you nursing heel pain, blisters, or worse maladies. The market is saturated with various styles of sports shoes with a variety of features. Consequently, choosing the right shoes can be quite a daunting task. Before you ever get into a quandary over which shoes to purchase, we suggest you quickly go through this fashion guide to learn a few tricks to choosing the right sports shoes.

Know Your Sports Shoes

If your week usually involves participating in a blizzard of sports activities ranging from table tennis to trail running, you might be tempted to buy just one pair of multi-functional sports shoes. However, you need sport specific shoes because not every style is conducive for every type of activity. Here we’ll cover four types of sports shoes, some of which you likely need.

1. Running Shoes

Sports running shoes are lightweight and can be worn for long distance running, track running, and even marathons. These shoes have good cushioning to absorb the shock when you land on your feet. It’s especially important to wear running shoes when sprinting, jogging, or racing on the pavement because they will lessen the impact on your knees.

Tip: Look out for super soft inner cushioning and double the heel support when shopping running shoes.

2. Walking Shoes

When was the last time you tapped out of your hour walk a bit early because of foot fatigue? In order to maintain a brisk walking speed, opt for a pair of sleek lightweight shoes that’ll keep you going, comfortably.

Tip: Look out for good rigid arch support and heel protection when checking out a pair of sports shoes for walking. They’ll help maintain an even distribution of weight along your feet while you walk.

3. Gym shoes

Shoes for the gym are usually designed to be lightweight but still very shock absorbent. Since most gyms have semi-carpeted flooring and non-carpeted areas also, some shoes are designed to keep your feet and knees protected from the impact of hard flooring.

Tip: Check out specialty sports shoe brands offering specifically designed gym shoes. Look out for a pair that has extra padding beneath the sole, especially under the ball of the foot that bears most of the weight during a workout.

4. Sports Training shoes

Usually heavier than a running shoe, training shoes make up the most diverse category of all the sports shoes. These shoes are designed for specific types of sports and training. So, if you’re practicing your Cruyff turn, you definitely need a pair of football cleats. If you need to work on your jump shot, invest in a good pair of basketball shoes.

Tip: If you regularly participate in sporting matches with your friends, look for sneakers with a thick and stiff sole. Also, look for plush cushioning around the sides and the sole of your feet to help avoid injury and discomfort while playing.

Fit Is Boss

There’s more to a pair of good sports shoes than style, support, and features. There is nothing more important than a shoe’s fit. The first thing you should do is measure your foot for the proper size. Remember to stand and put your full weight on your feet when measuring your feet. At different times of the day, your foot size may differ slightly. Measure your foot size in the evening, when it is the most flat, to ensure that you get your right size and a proper fit.

Sports Shoes Sizing Table

UK Size678910
US Size7891011
Euro Size4041424344
Length in Cms2526272829

Once you put your shoes on, there should be a distance of about 3/8th of an inch (that’s about the width of the thumb) between the tip of your toes and the inner tip of the shoe. You should be able to comfortably slip your feet in and out of them while they are laced (not tied) up. There is another simple trick you can try to test the fit; if you can wiggle all your toes comfortably while wearing the shoes, the size is perfect.

Tip: Never use a previous pair of shoes to gauge your current shoe size. Each brand and style can have different fits. Remember to carry a pair of the kind of socks you plan on wearing with the shoes. Some socks may give you a snugger fit.

Pieces of the Puzzle

When shopping for sports shoes, it’s helpful to understand a few basics of shoe structure so that you know exactly what to look for. Here are three parts to be familiar with when buying sports shoes online.

1. Upper

The upper is the fabric that encases your foot and makes direct contact with the skin. The material used in the upper portion of a sports shoe can range from lightweight to more dense fabrics, depending upon the use of the sports shoe. If you’re a marathon runner, opt for shoes with a dense upper that will protect your feet and keep water away. If you need a pair of shoes for the gym, choose an upper in a more breathable fabric to avoid any odour.

2. Outsole

As the name indicates, the outsole is the outer part of the shoe that makes contact with the ground surface. Outdoor running shoes come with a wide outsole and large groves which provide good support and traction on different surfaces.

3. Midsole

This is the part that sits directly in between the upper and the outsole and is usually made from a foam-based material. The primary purpose of the midsole is to provide cushioning to the foot and to protect it from heavy impact while you go on with your active lifestyle. In terms of cushioning and stability, a midsole holds most importance.

Style Your Sports Shoes Right

Since fashion has found a definitive position in the realm of athletics, sports shoes make for befitting accessories. Men can wear sports shoes with T-shirts and joggers or with sports shorts and tanks. There are just so many ways to mix up your sports gear with the right shoes. Ladies, you can buy women sports shoes online and wear them with graphic-print sweatshirts and yoga pants. Just choose a few colourful pairs, and you’re set for your Zumba classes and weekend Pilates sessions.

While it’s very tempting to pick up the brightest, best-looking sports shoes, you now know that there’s a lot more to consider before purchasing a pair. Buy sports shoes that are conducive to your active lifestyle. Also, remember to take your newly purchased sports shoes for a little ‘break-in’ walk. Don’t just put them on for the first time and then run a marathon. Last but not the least, don’t forget to check out Infifashion’s selection of sports shoes online for men and women to find dozens of cool styles.

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