Top 30 Men’s Fashion Trends for 2024

Fashion being as dynamic as it is, keeping up with the latest trends for men’s wear fashion can always seem like a daunting task. And if you’re someone who always likes to be on top of their fashion game, this can be a major deterrent. With that said, keeping up with the latest styles does not necessarily mean religiously shopping for new pieces every time a new trend for men’s clothing comes in.

In fact, it has been noticed that many of the latest men’s fashion trends are just a revamped version of the older ones. But how exactly can you choose among the plethora of options out there? This is where we come into the picture. We have curated a list of the top 30 men’s fashion trends that are an absolute must-have in every guy’s wardrobe.

Latest Fashion Trends for Men to Elevate Your Style Game

From the return of Hawaiian shirts to the ever-rising popularity of leather jackets, here are some of the men’s fashion trends to embrace in 2024:

1. Baggy Tailored Suiting

1. Baggy Tailored Suiting - Men's Fashion Trends
Source: Pinterest

In a generation where men’s suits have become a wardrobe staple, tailored suiting doesn’t quite sound groundbreaking, does it? We agree! With a majority of men’s fashion trends leaning towards slim and regular fit suits, baggy tailored suiting acts as a breath of fresh air to your wardrobe. Major designers like Fendi, Hed Mayner, Emporio Armani have featured classy pieces of baggy tailored clothing in their Spring 24 collection.

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2. Bomber Jackets

2. Bomber Jackets - Men's Fashion Trends
Source: Pinterest

Bomber jackets are back in fashion in 2024 and we are as delighted as ever. Thanks to the latest innovations by brands like Tom Ford, Hermès, Gucci, and Ambush, this style is more innovative and has a retro vibe associated with it which feels less maximalist than it has in the previous seasons.

3. Leather Jackets

3. Leather Jackets - Men's Fashion Trends
Source: Pinterest

No list of men’s fashion trends would ever be complete without the inclusion of a quality leather jacket. Its rugged looks, durable nature and timeless appeal make it a classic apparel that will be a hit for winters to come. Although a quality leather jacket won’t come cheap, believe us, this is one investment you will not regret.

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4. Suit with Sandals

4. Suit with Sandals - Men's Fashion Trends
Source: Pinterest

While it may sound a little edgy and controversial but its quite subtle idea among men’s fashion trends, pairing suits with sandals will help you make an unforgettable impression. The classic ensemble with a modern twist, this outfit is the next big thing in the fashion industry. It helps you strike the perfect balance between formal and casual while giving your look a nonchalant look.

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5. Utility Clothing

5. Utility Clothing - Men's Fashion Trends
Source: Pinterest

The utility trend has been a hit among the masses for quite some time now. While the initial trend focused more on well-fitted tops, a transition has been made towards irregular shapes and designs. These men’s fashion trends have made a strong appearance on the streets as well as on the catwalks in recent years adding to its rising popularity.

6. Snakeskin Apparel

6. Snakeskin Apparel - Men's Fashion Trends
Source: Pinterest

What started as a trend in the woman’s category has rapidly become one of the more sought-after options in men’s fashion trends as well. Many top-rated designers have highly anticipated the role a brightly coloured snakeskin would play in a guy’s wardrobe as they naturally accent the neutral look of every outfit.

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7. Hawaiian Shirts

7. Hawaiian Shirts - Men's Fashion Trends
Source: Pinterest

There was a time where one could hardly browse any fashion shows without seeing a woman sporting this breezy apparel. Cut to 2024 and Hawaiian shirts are one of the most popular summer style trends any guy can opt for. Known for their ability to bring freshness to any wardrobe, these shirts are a wardrobe essential for you if you want an apparel that is light, stylish and perfect for a vacation look.

8. Patchwork Shirts

8. Patchwork Shirts - Men's Fashion Trends
Source: Pinterest

Patchwork shirts are one of the hottest trends right now and they are exactly as their name suggests, a shirt made by combining different materials. If you are an ardent follower of Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh, we are sure you would love owning these quirky yet stylish shirts.

9. Bermuda Shorts

9. Bermuda Shorts - Men's Fashion Trends
Source: Pinterest

If you are someone who shys away from shopping for shorts for outdoor wear, think again! Bermuda shorts have started making more of an appearance on the world’s runways and fashion shows of late and are anticipated to be one of the hottest trends in the years to come.

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10. Over the Knee Shorts

10. Over the Knee Shorts - Men's Fashion Trends
Source: Pinterest

While it may be considered a daring fashion choice, over the knee shorts are one of the latest Indian street men’s fashion trends. The best thing about them is that these shorts are super comfortable and look uber cool when paired alongside appropriate shirts or t-shirts


11. Cuban Collar Shirts

11. Cuban Collar Shirts - Men's Fashion Trends
Source: Pinterest

This particular trend was extremely fashionable in the 1970s and has made a return to the fashion scene with a few minor variations. The best thing about Cuban collar shirts is that you can dress them up or down depending on personal preference.

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12. High Waist Trousers

12. High Waist Trousers - Men's Fashion Trends
Source: Pinterest

This particular fashion trend would have a special place in every 90s kids’ heart. For men who love to sport formal outfits, high waisted trousers are a great way to maintain a high-end look.

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13. Relaxed Fit Clothing

13. Relaxed Fit Clothing - Men's Fashion Trends
Source: Pinterest

Skinny fit clothing has almost become an absolute no-no with even slim fit’s popularity dwindling a lot. These styles have been replaced by the supremely comfortable yet stylish relaxed fit clothing. The best thing about this category is that they can be worn as both formal as well as casual outfits.

14. Print Trip

14. Print Trip - Men's Fashion Trends
Source: Pinterest

Vibrant prints and eccentric patterns are rapidly replacing the humbling solids. While some may argue that this trend is a bit too out there, when paired with complimenting bottom wear, these are some of the most impressive apparels.

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15. Nautical

15. Nautical - Men's Fashion Trends
Source: Pinterest

Nautical is one of the sightings that are highly anticipated in men’s fashion trends in 2024. These marine notes appear in a number of fashion shows with the fashion journalists already referring to them as “shipster”.

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16. Minimalism

16. Minimalism - Men's Fashion Trends
Source: Pinterest

No matter how many eccentric prints and vibrant hues you own, minimalism also plays a crucial role in completing a wardrobe. Designers all round the world showcased minimalistic designs in their runway shows and we are predicting that these men’s fashion trends are one to look out for!

17. Pastel and Earthy Hues

17. Pastel and Earthy Hues - Men's Fashion Trends
Source: Pinterest

When it comes to men’s fashion trends for spring, there is hardly anything that can beat the charm and simplicity of pastel and earthy hues. Baby pinks, sea greens and powdery blue work on almost every guy and occasion.

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18. Oversized Trench Coats

18. Oversized Trench Coats - Men's Fashion Trends
Source: Pinterest

As we transition into winter, it is time to break out the oversized trench coats and jackets. The best thing about them is that oversized trench coats leave lots of room to get creative with your pieces underneath.

19. Slim Tie

19. Slim Tie - Men's Fashion Trends
Source: Pinterest

One of the most pleasant surprises of men’s fashion trends for 2024 is the quintessential tie getting morphed into a super slim design. As the shows of Prada and Off-white showed us, the impression that it left was unmissable.

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20. Sweater Vests

20. Sweater Vests - Men's Fashion Trends
Source: Pinterest

Contrary to the popular opinion where fashion experts predicted sweater vests to be a thing of the past, they have made a dramatic comeback in the fashion industry. Pair it with a solid shirt and let the vest work its magic.

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21. Tonal Layering 

For a decent and well-pulled-off look this season, tonal layering, a rediscovered men’s trend, is a big YES. This latest trend for men’s wear is all about layering an outfit with different tones of the same color while playing dapper.

21. Tonal Layering - Men's Fashion Trends
Source: Pinterest

Tonal layering is one of the best ways to repeat clothing and turn those basic pieces in the wardrobe into something hot and happening. The biggest highlight is donning different hues of the same color in an ensemble is pretty cool. Plus, this new idea in men’s fashion trends infuses a hint of not-so-loud subtle elegance in the personality.

22. Large Checks 

Checks are never out of men’s fashion trends. Every man, regardless of his dressing sense and preferences, has a pair of large checked shirts in his cupboard.. These shirts are smart, universal, and versatile. One can work with checked shirts in countless ways to revamp their wardrobe.

22. Large Checks  - Men's Fashion Trends
Source: Pinterest

With winter right on the door, sporting checks in overshirts is definitely a trend you cannot afford to miss out on. Moreover, flannel shirts in large checks will set the fashion game this winter. If it’s the summer – wearing a cotton checked shirt in light, and pastel shades would undoubtedly win you points in men’s fashion trends.

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23. Technical Jackets

A technical jacket is a must-have in every men’s wardrobe. Also known as performance apparel, these jackets are diligently designed to keep the elements of nature at bay while keeping your style game on point.

23. Technical Jackets - Men's Fashion Trends
Source: Pinterest

Whether trekking through the rough and ice-capped terrain of the Himalayas, braving the downpour on the way to work, or hanging out with your pals on the high streets, technical jackets are an ideal pick. Most importantly, they look fabulous. These are made using the amalgamation of cutting-edge fabrics, and the latest designs to present functionality at its best. 

24. Pop Color Plisse

Designed to liberate and enhance the way men dress or how men’s trends work, plisse are comfy, lightweight, and, the best part, are wrinkle-free. So, for men who like relaxed yet stylish outfits that do not require too much maintenance, this latest trend for men’s wear is the best fit. Pop color plisse can be mixed and matched according to the wearer’s preferences and fashion sense.

24. Pop Color Plisse - Men's Fashion Trends
Source: Pinterest

This fabric makes the perfect choice for frequent travelers or those who like to travel light as it can easily fit into small or compact bags. T-shirts, shorts, jackets, hoodies, bomber jackets, and shirts – plisse can be woven into any form of comfortable clothing.

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25. Cargo Shorts

Some men literally live in their cargo shorts for the right reasons. They are extremely comfortable and stylish, and one can wear them like their second skin. So, is a man’s wardrobe without cargo shorts even complete? One of the best things about these pieces is that they are available in a wide range of options – short, long, three-quarter, camouflage, solid colours, belted, and elastic waist.

25. Cargo Shorts - Men's Fashion Trends
Source: Pinterest

Most importantly, they are designed with practicality and functionality in mind. With two large pockets on both sides, cargo shorts help you carry your daily essentials effortlessly, making it one of the best men’s fashion trends.

26. Vests

When it comes to dressing up, men like it comfortable and stylish. Considering the climatic conditions across India, vests are every man’s go-to choice. One of the coolest men’s fashion trends is wearing vests as tops. If carried smartly, vests can change the fashion game altogether.

26. Vests  - Men's Fashion Trends
Source: Pinterest

These pieces come in varieties of fabrics, designs, and fits. Wearing vests with accessories or layering them up with overshirts is indeed a good fashion hack.

27. Flared Trousers

Flares were originally a part of the naval uniform of the United States. However, these men’s fashion trends became a massive hit during the 60s and 70s. Cut to today and flared trousers have not lost their charm. Yes, the most iconic looks are getting a revival with a modern twist this year.

27. Flared Trousers - Men's Fashion Trends
Source: Pinterest

As far as material is concerned, flared trousers go well with almost every fabric, including crochet, cotton, leather, cord, denim, and polyester. For men trying flares for the first time, a pair of classic black ones would be an ideal choice.

28. Cut-out

Some men love an experimental wardrobe and going by the men’s fashion trends. So, for those who dare to go bare, cut-out tops are a great find. Somewhere between the straps, holes, cuts, and ifs and buts, masculinity has found its new fan moment in the form of cut-outs.

28. Cut-out - Men's Fashion Trends
Source: Pinterest

From celebs to the boy next door, cut-outs are embraced by men who love to play with their looks while breaking stereotypes. Call it bold or bizarre, funky or complex, these men’s fashion trends are here to stay, and men are ready to slay.

29. Shiny Outfit

Some men’s fashion trends have their own share of skepticism. However, they somehow go trending. Shiny outfits are one of them. Men who love shimmers, rock and roll, and dynamism – shiny clothing is the perfect choice for you.

29. Shiny Outfit - Men's Fashion Trends
Source: Alibaba Express

Their ever increasing popularity has resulted in many fashion brands innovating and improving their units to produce best-in-class sheen-induced outfits.

30. Cream Pinstripe Suits

Meetings, parties, cocktails, weddings, dinners, interviews, or dates – there is a cream pinstripe suit for every event. Wear it as a two-piece or three-piece, same-colour shirt, or something bright to add contrast, the options are endless.

30. Cream Pinstripe Suits - Men's Fashion Trends
Source: Pinterest

These suits can create a signature style almost every time. An incredibly awesome cream pinstripe suit paired with the right accessories such as ties and cufflinks can make people go gaga. This ensemble looks classy in every way possible.


Although most people think that the world of men’s fashion trends has nothing much to explore and play with, it is colossal and dynamic. So, for people who love probing and experimenting with their looks, the latest fashion trends for men mentioned above are more like a treasure trove. Keep following Infifashion for more such blogs, and keep your fashion game up!

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