How Can Men Style Their White T-shirts?

How Can Men Style Their White T-shirts
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Today, owning a pair of white t-shirts seem just as necessary as a pair of jeans. But then, how did this piece of apparel reach this point? Going back in time, the white cotton jersey crewneck t-shirt was made standard military issue in World War II. The design had descended from the undergarments worn by Navy men in the 1910s. The t-shirts were meant to be a convenient clothing option inside hot sweaty environments.

Simultaneously, the common folk in America were also gradually adopting this apparel, buying them in bulk from the local stores. But as the war ended and the men came back home, the white t-shirt began rooting itself into the local style choices. Movies too helped in this endeavour with James Dean (in Rebel Without a Cause) & Marlon Brando (A Streetcar Named Desire) making them look cool. This was the inception of the white t-shirt’s journey to popular which peaked in the nineties and continues to remain steady.

But now, with continuously evolving fashion tastes, how prominent can white t-shirts remain in men’s fashion? The very plainness of the apparel leaves immense room for self-invention. It doesn’t matter whether you are muscular or skinny, the white t-shirt works well on most body shapes. How can these t-shirts be styled to look your best?

That is exactly what this article attempts to answer with simple yet effective tips.

The Art of Layering

Yes, layering is an art. But a simple way to master it comes with white t-shirts. All you need to do is wear the white T-shirt under an open casual shirt and complete the look with dark jeans. This is a look that is as classic as it gets.

Acing the smart casual dress code

Being an itegral part of both formal and casual outfits, the colour white fits well everywhere. So, when it comes to White t-shirts too, even they can save the day with smart casuals. Just tuck a crew neck white t-shirt into a pair of smart, relaxed-leg trousers and voila, you are ready to head for the casual-formal occasion.

The Classic Hollywood Look

As mentioned earlier, James Dean was one of the first to make white t-shirts look cool. One of the ways he nailed the look was by pairing the apparel with a leather jacket. All you need to achieve the look is a crisp white crew neck underneath a classic leather jacket, paired with grey jeans and black boots.

The Military Look Gets Cool

The bomber jacket and white t-shirt share a common origin, the military. Hence, it is only natural to pair these two to create a cool look. Along with these two apparels, all you need are some black trousers and shoes to create a smart-casual balance that ties your monochromatic look together.

Casual Meets Formal

Here is a look that walks the thin line between casual and formal well – the t-shirt and suit look. Put on a soft, high-grade cotton white t-shirt with a well-cut dark suit. This look looks particularly great when paired with Converse shoes for a quirky touch.

A Classic Look Brought Back

The denim jacket and white t-shirt combination was one of the popular looks back in the day that continues to remain popular. Just ensure you get 100 percent cotton denim and then match the apparels with a contrasting coloured jeans. For example, blue jackets go really well with black jeans, and vice versa.

Trust me, there are so many looks you find and explore with t-shirts. This was just a glimpse into what can be achieved with them. So, pull all stops when it comes white t-shirts and discover which look works best for you. While you are at it, do let us know of some personal combination you’ve tried out. For more such insights into all things fashion, keep following InfiFashion.

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