26 Most Expensive Cameras in the World

Professional photographer or not, anyone and everyone can admire the immense beauty we are surrounded with at all times. Given how mesmerising different elements of the world are, everyone experiences the urge to capture these terrains and wonderful moments. This dream was brought to life for the very first time in 1816. Now, as centuries have gone by and introduced us to modern technology, cameras in the industry still owe the invention of this wonderful device to the countless unique and never-seen-before rarities. This is the ultimate dream for every antique collector, but it sure does come at a price. 

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11 Most Expensive Cameras in the World
Source: Dpreview

Listed Below Are Some of The World’s Most Expensive Cameras In The World:

1. Leica 0 – Series No.122

Leica 0 - Series No.122 - Most Expensive Cameras In The World
Source: Pinterest

Kicking off this list with a price that always causes jaws to drop is the most expensive camera in the world ever to be sold – the Leica 0 – Series No.122. This is a vintage camera made in the early 1900s and in a limited batch of 25. Interestingly,  this camera was sold only recently to a private collector in an auction in Vienna. The Image quality along with its build quality makes it the most expensive camera brand.

  • Price: $2.97 million
  • Key Features
    • This camera is among the only three of its kind available today from the limited collection produced in 1925.
    • Made by Leica, the best camera brand in the world, it is as durable as a camera could be and has stood the test of time for almost a century.

2. Hasselblad H6D – 100C

Hasselblad H6D - 100C - - Most Expensive Cameras In The World
Source: Pinterest

Another one on this list is by one of the finest camera makers in the industry – Hasselblad. This camera is extremely popular among historians who use it for art documentation and reproduction due to its superior features. The demand for this camera skyrockets through the roof as it is one of the very few high-end brands producing multi-shot cameras. It definitely falls under the list of most expensive cameras in the world.

  • Price: $47,995
  • Key Features
    • Sensor-shift technology, which combines up to 6 exposures to create single images of 400 million megapixels. 
    • High image quality and colour accuracy.
    • 920k-dot touchscreen display with both auto and manual focus.
    • Built-in GPS with Wi-Fi, USB-C.

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3. Leica M3D – 2

Leica M3D - 2 - - Most Expensive Cameras In The World
Source: Pinterest

Another vintage number and among the most expensive cameras in the world by Leica, the M3D – 2 was also a limited edition. Manufactured especially for war photojournalist Douglas Duncan, the Leica M3D (‘D’ for Duncan) was sold at the same auction as its other companion in the same product family. This camera was mainly used by DDD to capture war photographs in Korea, Vietnam, and his friend Pablo Picasso. Now, the brand has also released a modernized, special edition variant of this camera for photographers.

  • Price: $2 million
  • Key Features
    • 50-mm lens with special focusing lever.
    • Short shutter lag time of only 12 ms.
    • Mirrorless with rangefinder featuring 150+ high precision parts and 0.92x magnification.

4. Susse Frères Daguerreotype Camera

Susse Frères Daguerreotype Camera - - Most Expensive Cameras In The World
Source: Pinterest

The history of this camera dates back to 1839, when the world was first introduced to the photographic process, known as ‘daguerreotype’. The Susse Frères Daguerreotype Camera is a type of a pinhole camera, also known as the ‘camera obscura’. It is among the very first cameras to be produced and made available to the general public. Designed by Louis Daguerre and made by the French firm Suisse Frères, this is the only model that remains. It was sold at an auction in 2007.

  • Price: $978,000
  • Key Features
    • An indispensable, 173-year-old ‘attic find’.
    • A remarkable example of the daguerreotype method with an oval lithographic stamp.

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5. Apollo 15 Hasselblad 500 Series Moon Camera

Apollo 15 Hasselblad 500 Series Moon Camera - Most Expensive Cameras In The World
Source: Wired

This is another camera that is an essential part of world history, owing to the fact that it is the only one to ever make it to the moon and back! Any other cameras previously sent out on this excursion were abandoned on the lunar surface. A camera modified to handle lunar conditions optimally is a truly unique device that was recently sold to a Japanese businessman.

  • Price: $910,000
  • Key Features
    • Leaf shutter and automatic aperture stop down.
    • 70-exposure film magazine.
    • Zeiss Biogon 60-mm F5.6 lens.
    • Mapping camera system and the panoramic camera.
    • Absence of switches and toggles to make it more convenient to use.

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6. Jonathan Ive & Marc Newson Leica M Prototype Camera

Jonathan Ive & Marc Newson Leica M Prototype Camera - Most Expensive Cameras In The World
Source: Pinterest

Another masterpiece by Leica, this is one of the most expensive cameras in the world that made it to this list due to its recent auction. A rare device designed by former Apple luminary Jony Ive and famed designer Marc Newson, this camera was manufactured alongside other 561 models and 1,000 prototype parts. Needless to say, it is a treasure for every Leica collector with its priceless parts and beautiful design.

  • Price: $1.8 million
  • Key Features: 
    • Ive’s trademark minimalist design.
    • Apo-Summicron 2/50 mm ASPH lens.
    • Reflective surface with the condition listed as B+.
    • A sculptured aluminium body and sleek finish.
    • World class lens technology for ideal form and function.

7. LargeSense LS911

LargeSense LS911 - Most Expensive Cameras In The World
Source: Photo Rumors

This is another special and the highest price camera in world as it is the first ever single-shot digital camera with large format that was made available to the market. It encourages a photography style that was founded somewhere in the early 1920s and, hence, has been an extremely rewarding and challenging field of photography.

  • Price: $106,000
  • Key Features
    • High sharpness, clarity, and razor-thin depth of field capabilities.
    • 9×11-inch monochrome CMOS sensor with 75 micron pixel size.
    • Electronic shutter range from unlimited to 1/30 second.
    • Built-in WiFi hotspot for remote control.
    • Monochrome with no AA filter and no on-chip micro lenses.

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8. Leica Luxus II

Leica Luxus II - Most Expensive Cameras In The World
Source: Pinterest

The reasons for this camera’s whopping price range lies in its gold-plated, lizard-skin body. Additionally, the camera is a rarity as it is one of the only 95 examples produced between the years 1929 and 1930. One might even say it is the most valuable camera in the world as this batch is among the very first to be introduced with high technology built-in features, like the viewfinder.

  • Price: $1,300,000
  • Key Features
    • 50-mm Elmar lens featuring a bell push release.
    • Body covered with reptile leather.
    • Built-in rangefinder.
    • Standardised interchangeable lenses.

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9. Panoscan MK – 3 Panoramic

Panoscan MK camera - Most Expensive Cameras In The World
Source: Technowize

This camera is among the most unique ones ever to be created. It has the ability to capture a full-360 degrees image in a record time of just 8 seconds. The attention to detail in each picture is commendable, thus put to best use by military and crime personnel. It can pick on easy-to-miss details from panoramic pictures.

  • Price: $40,000
  • Key Features
    • High edge rate and can capture a whole of 360-degree show in under 8 seconds.
    • Requirement of zero stitching of composite images together.
    • Ideal for making virtual reality movies using VR players.

10. Mamiya Leaf Credo 645DF Digital Back Camera

Mamiya Leaf Credo 645DF Digital Back Camera - Most Expensive Cameras In The World
Source: Pinterest

This camera comes from a brand that has been producing high-end cameras for over 70 years. The Mamiya Leaf Credo 645DF Digital Back Camera has been specifically designed with an open platform philosophy with its digital back being highly compatible with medium format cameras. Its durability and use of modern features is a true testament to the advancement of technology.

  • Price: $36,000
  • Key Features
    • High-res Live View functionality.
    • Wide viewing angle.
    • Bi-directional spirit level.
    • Leaf imaging with high processing power.
    • Superior image quality with 3.7 x 40.3mm DALSA CCD sensor (10,320 x 7752 pixels) and high level of functionality.

11. Phase One XF IQ4

Phase One XF IQ4 - Most Expensive Cameras In The World
Source: PCMag
  1. Last but not the least, this camera is on this list of the most expensive cameras in the world due to its current as well as potential market value in the years to come. This medium-format camera, built on the brand’s new Infinity Platform, provides extremely high-quality images along with a wide range of features that will make workflow smoother.
  • Price:$50,000
  • Key Features
    • 151 Megapixels Backside Illuminated Sensor (BSI) with long exposure of 60 minutes.
    • Tethering Ethernet, USB-C, wireless.
    • Output image 120.26 x 90.19 cm (300DPI).

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12. Canon EOS R3

Canon EOS R3 - Most Expensive Cameras In The World
Source: Pinterest

This transcends the definition of a mere camera; it represents a pivotal moment in mirrorless technology’s evolution. Although it is among the most expensive cameras in the world, its exceptional performance offers incredible value. Exclusively crafted for the best in the field, especially those focusing on sports or wildlife, the EOS R3 is where groundbreaking technology meets hands-on utility. 

Its full-frame sensor, bolstered by the revolutionary eye-controlled autofocus and pioneering stacked sensor tech, delivers images that are second to none. But there is more to the Canon EOS R3 than just features or a price tag. It is a salute to photographers globally, gifting them with a tool that captures life’s moments with unparalleled flair. At Rs. 4,99,332.76, it is not just a transaction; it is an allegiance to photography’s promising horizon.

13. Nikon Z 9

Nikon Z 9  - Most Expensive Cameras In The World
Source: Pinterest

These are perfect for those who believe in team Nikon and are willing to pay a premium for the most expensive camera in the world. With a bulky pro body, a full-frame 50MP sensor, and near-limitless burst shooting capacity, this camera is a star. Boasting 8k video capabilities, a high-resolution sensor, and impressive burst modes, it becomes an obvious choice for professionals craving the latest tech. Coupled with its robust build quality and ergonomic design, the Nikon Z 9’s pricing reflects its position in the pro lineup. While it comes with a hefty price tag of Rs. 4,57,714.76, it is worth every penny for photographers who demand nothing but the best. 

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14. Nikon Df

Nikon Df - Most Expensive Cameras In The World
Source: Pinterest

In the world of classic cameras, this stands out as a true gem. Released in 2013, this retro-styled DSLR pays homage to the classic Nikon FM series. With its full-frame 16-megapixel CMOS sensor and a plethora of old-school knobs and dials, the Nikon Df is a photographer’s dream. But what truly sets it apart is its unique variant of the F lens mount. This, in turn, allows compatibility with every Nikon lens made between 1959 and 2019. This level of versatility comes at a price, though, with the Nikon Df retailing for Rs. 2,91,326.00, making it one of the most expensive cameras in the world. 

15. Nikon E2:

Nikon E2  - Most Expensive Cameras In The World
Source: Pinterest

Resulting from a synergistic alliance between Nikon and Fujifilm, the Nikon E2 epitomises the harmonious fusion of state-of-the-art digital technology with classic design principles. With its debut in the mid-90s, the E-series signposted Nikon’s strategic transition into professional digital photography. 

Upon release, it was among the most expensive cameras in the world, but its design and cutting-edge features made it a must-have for professional photographers. The E2 was especially notable, utilising a reduction optics system to mitigate the crop factor due to its more compact sensor. Offering a 1.3-megapixel resolution, it set new standards for its period. Nonetheless, its commanding Rs. 8,32,305.00 price made it a cherished possession for only a select few.

16. Leica SL

Leica SL  - Most Expensive Cameras In The World
Source: Pinterest

In 2013, the photography world witnessed a remarkable entrant, emblematic of German precision and innovation. Engineered for the sophisticated professional, the Leica SL, equipped with outstanding resolution, instantaneous autofocus, and a streamlined interface, sets industry standards. Its position as one of the most expensive cameras in the world is well-deserved. Equipped with a lens mount compatible with the Leica CL and a robust 24MP CMOS sensor, it gracefully positioned itself alongside its contemporaneous professional counterparts. Sporting the iconic red dot that is Leica’s hallmark, the camera is priced at Rs. 4,98,966.85 and primarily caters to a specialised and passionate customer base. 

17. Kodak DCS 100

Kodak DCS 100  - Most Expensive Cameras In The World
Source: Pinterest

Before the advent of digital photography, as we know it today, this has redefined what was possible, becoming one of the most expensive cameras in the world. Built using spare Nikon F3 camera bodies, this imaging system was a behemoth in size and weight. With an electronic grip, an integrated back and winder, and a Digital Storage Unit (DSU) that had to be carried separately, using the DCS 100 was no easy feat. But for those who embraced this groundbreaking technology, the price of Rs. 16,64,610.00 in 1991 was a small price to pay for the future of photography. 

18. Leica R8 & R9 With DMR

Leica R8 & R9  - Most Expensive Cameras In The World
Source: Pinterest

When paired with Digital-Modul-R, these are visual and technological poetry. They bridge the gap between analog and digital. Their unique dual nature demands a price that matches their iconic stature. Leica’s R8 and R9 cameras incorporate electronic gadgetry that was ahead of its time, these models feature a record-setting electronic shutter and an array of advanced features. But what truly made them stand out was the Digital Module Back (DMR), which transformed these film cameras into fully-fledged digital shooters. 

With a 10MP Kodak-built sensor and extensive lens compatibility, the R8 and R9 with DMR became highly sought-after cameras, with a combined price tag of Rs. 12,40,276.00. These top the category of the most expensive cameras in the world. 

19. Fujifilm GFX 100:

Fujifilm GFX 100  - Most Expensive Cameras In The World
Source: Pinterest

\Undoubtedly a fontrunner in the medium format arena, the Fujifilm GFX 100, often hailed as the most expensive cameras in the world in its class, is a masterclass in photographic innovation. Beyond its sophisticated weather-sealed design lies a staggering 100MP CMOS sensor, setting new benchmarks in image precision and richness. Its Rs. 8,32,316.76 price point is not just a reflection of its luxury but signifies Fujifilm’s commitment to crafting instruments of unmatched excellence, resonating with those who desire nothing but the best in photography.

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20. Hasselblad H6D 400c MS:

Hasselblad H6D 400c   - Most Expensive Cameras In The World
Source: Pinterest

Imagine capturing the world in astounding detail with the most expensive cameras in the world. Hasselblad, the titan of luxury photography, gifts us the H6D 400c MS, fulfilling that vision. Its multi-shot prowess can concoct a magnificent 400MP image by interweaving multiple exposures. For those who might find this resolution overkill, there is a sumptuous 100MP option that is equally breathtaking. Carrying a hefty price tag of Rs. 39,95,520.00, this camera is tailor-made for those aficionados who are adamant about having only the crème de la crème in their arsenal.

21. Hasselblad 500C

Hasselblad 500  - Most Expensive Cameras In The World
Source: Pinterest

Back in 1957, the photography scene was graced with the iconic Hasselblad 500C. Compact and stylish, it was a street photographer’s dream, especially with that waist-level viewfinder and legendary Carl Zeiss lenses. Costing just $600 at launch, it was like owning a piece of art without breaking the bank. And guess what? A unique version of this camera, customised by NASA for space missions, recently went under the hammer for an eye-popping Rs.2,28,91,000.00! Just like the rest of the series, this is also among the most expensive cameras in the world.

22. Hasselblad LM2

Hasselblad LM2  - Most Expensive Cameras In The World
Source: Pinterest

Step aside for the Hasselblad LM2, another gem from the famed camera house and among the most expensive cameras in the world. Born out of sheer innovation, this camera was crafted especially for the space brigade. Its distinctive features include a battery-powered trigger grip and an exquisitely engineered body. And oh, it played a starring role during the Apollo 11 mission, capturing those mesmerising lunar landscapes. Given its storied past, it is no wonder that photography enthusiasts drool over it. Hold onto your hat because one of these beauties snagged a cool Rs.7,57,73,684.48 at a recent auction!

23. Leica Luxus II

Leica Luxus II  - Most Expensive Cameras In The World
Source: Pinterest

Leica, a name esteemed in the annals of photography, has consistently delivered instruments of unparalleled craftsmanship. The Leica Luxus II stands as a pinnacle representation of this heritage. Embellished with gold plating and meticulously sheathed in genuine lizard skin, it exudes a sophisticated allure being in the list of most expensive cameras in the world. Owing to its limited production, it holds a distinguished status in the realm of collectable cameras. The asking price of Rs. 5,16,03,344.00, while undeniably steep, reflects its rarefied stature and the timeless value it offers to aficionados of photographic artistry.


Canon IXUS  - Most Expensive Cameras In The World
Source: Pinterest

In celebration of the IXUS line’s 10th anniversary, Canon introduced the meticulously crafted Digital Super Diamond IXUS. Demonstrating Canon’s dedication to superior design and precision, the camera is enhanced with a diamond-encrusted front and a white gold exterior. The decision to produce only ten units accentuates its exclusivity and unmatched value, as reflected in its Rs.2,49,69,360.00  pricing. This release of the most expensive cameras in the world undoubtedly solidifies Canon’s esteemed position in luxury camera offerings.

25. Suisse Frères Daguerreotype Camera

Suisse Freres  - Most Expensive Cameras In The World
Sourcre: Pinterest

Hailing from 1839, it is a revered artifact in the world of photography. As one of the earliest cameras presented to the public, it embraced the cutting-edge daguerreotype technique. Its enduring importance was highlighted when a specimen of this camera achieved a remarkable sale price of Rs. ₹61,590,709.12 in 2007, underlining its esteemed legacy among antique cameras. Due to its legacy its falls under one of the most expensive cameras in the world.

26. Leica M3D-2

Leica M3D-2 -  - Most Expensive Cameras In The World
Source : Pinterest

In the illustrious realm of photography, this occupies a position of reverence. Trusted by the renowned David Douglas Duncan, this device immortalised moments, ranging from the enigmatic expressions of Pablo Picasso to the dramatic scenes from the Vietnam and Korean wars. Its significance is not merely derived from its photographic capabilities but also its profound connection to Duncan and the historic moments it chronicled. Auctioned for Rs. 18,14,54,262.00, it affirmed its legacy and pivotal role in 20th-century photography. It is truly one of the most expensive cameras in the world. 


1. What is the most expensive camera in the world? 

The most expensive camera in the world is the Leica 0-Series, auctioned for a staggering €2.4 million (around Rs. 23,30,60,520.00) in 2018 at the WestLicht Photographica Auction in Vienna. Created in 1923, this camera is one of the 25 test models produced by Leica before the brand introduced its commercially available products. The 0-Series exemplifies the early history of 35mm photography and holds immense historical significance. 

2. What is the most expensive brand of camera? 

In conversations about the most expensive cameras in world, the name Leica often resonates. With its roots in Germany from 1914, Leica has consistently showcased exceptional engineering and artistic finesse. Whether it is their vintage treasures or the latest models, camera enthusiasts can not get enough of them. Leica 0-Series have broken auction records, making them one of the most expensive cameras in the world.  

3. What is the best quality camera brand? 

When it comes to identifying the premier camera brand, several factors come into play. Canon and Nikon have consistently delivered reliable and high-performance DSLRs, making them the favourites among many professionals. Sony has established itself as a leader in the mirrorless segment, pushing technological boundaries. Leica, with its rich heritage, focuses on craftsmanship and image quality. Ultimately, the “best” brand is subjective and hinges on the photographer’s specific requirements, be it in terms of sensor performance, lens selection, or quality.

4. What is the most expensive camera ever sold? 

The Leica 0-Series, a meticulously designed prototype from 1923, made headlines in 2012 when it was auctioned in Vienna. With its final bid reaching an astounding Rs. 23,22,28,161.00, it not only set an auction record but also underscored its unparalleled historical and engineering meri. It is the highest priced camera in the world to be ever sold. 

5. What are the top 3 camera brands?

Within the dynamic realm of photography and most expensive cameras in the world, a few names have remained synonymous with excellence. Canon, Nikon, and Sony frequently emerge as the leading triumvirate in camera manufacturing. Each brand, with its distinct flair for innovation, precision, and trustworthiness, serves a diverse clientele, from budding enthusiasts to seasoned professionals. Their product range, from sleek point-and-shoots to sophisticated professional gear, showcases their comprehensive mastery.

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