What Do a Girl’s Footwear Choices Reveal About Her?

What Do a Girl’s Footwear Choices Reveal About Her?
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Is your new date in your league? Is she very high maintenance? Will your new lady boss be approachable or will she be stern and disagreeable? Don’t judge her already, at least not until you have checked out her shoes. Why? According to a study by Kansas University, personality traits can be accurately judged by simply looking at the photograph of a person’s most-worn pair of shoes. How? Besides being a mirror to your age and income (not every foot gets the luxury of slipping into Jimmy Choos, for example), 90 percent of complete strangers could even guess if the person has attachment anxiety. It could be time to throw away those worn down heels, ladies!

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To top it all off, the findings from a recent survey conducted by Tresmode, supports that a girl’s footwear not only reveals her sartorial choices but—wait for it—sheds light on the type of man she likes too. Yes! You heard that right. We gasped too. So girls, take heed before you step out in just any old pair of shoes the next time; they might be giving away just a little too much information. Before your favourite shoes divulge any more about you, why not find out which category you, your boss, and your girlfriend likely fall under?

High Heels

The uninitiated might tag it as ‘uncomfortable’, but studies show that wearers of these seemingly uncomfortable shoes are actually calm people. If you love it, just go for it with all your heart. Your sky-high ambitions get reflected in your choice of stilettos over any other girl’s footwear. Just like the way you take well-balanced, measured steps in your stylish 6-inch heels, you are equally poised and focused in your personal life. Career is important to you and so is style. We suggest you pair up your stiletto with a formal suit in beige or brown when you are making the next office presentation. You are the lady with very high standards, and love is no exception. You tend to fall for guys who are in control of their lives and ambitious. Impressing Mr. Right is a cakewalk for you, yet to stir things up a bit you may want to go for a daring pair of red high heels. Complete the look with a red sheath dress and sexy coral lips. Your date will remember this candle-lit dinner forever.


You love to embrace style, but don’t really feel the need to give up comfort. Unlike the high-heel romantic, you are practical and straightforward. That’s why you will opt for the stability of wedges any day. After all, how else would you go for the long romantic walks with your sweetheart? Your kind of guy would be sensitive, caring, and friendly; and would love to stargaze with you. Wear a pair of funky wedges with a sexy fit and flare dress on all those evenings, your man wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off you. Although you might sometimes get a tad bit worried that others at the club will notice that extra few inches under your super-cool jumpsuit, your creativity will help you explore innovative style ideas. Chic and grounded are words that describe you best. Little wonder that you will easily fall for those girls’ footwear, which has sexy details such as tiny bows, criss-cross straps, and interesting textures.


In your group of friends you are one of the most pragmatic. You win hearts with your down-to-earth attitude and can easily steal any show by your practical blend of style with comfort. You love the ballerinas for their style quotient and comfort, and probably have one in every colour and texture in your shoe drawer. Even if you don’t have it yet, you secretly wish you had. You like a man who is real, fuss-free, and likes you for who you are. We recommend having neutral shades like beige and classic hues like black and brown. Go for these when the call of the hour is to go classy or when you don’t want to be too experimental. Think a board meeting or a client presentation. Pair these with a formal skirt and shirt for a confident boost. However, since bare basics are never enough, we suggest you keep the more chirpy orange, green, or the more elegant gold-toned ballerinas in your arsenal too. Trust us, you will find enough excuses at clubs and parties to flaunt these marvels.


You are that girl who loves a good adventure and believes that boots can complement just about any dress. And, with your awesome sense of dressing, you probably are right most of the times. You are well-travelled, and if you haven’t had the chance to be a globetrotter yet, it certainly is on your to-do list. You are sociable, a good talker, and an absolute treat to be with. You like a man who’s a dreamer, doesn’t mind an impromptu plan, and who doesn’t treat you like a wallflower. If you could, you would probably have boots of all conceivable colours and textures in your collection. Secretly, we are guessing that you wouldn’t even mind bundling up your tops and scarves to make more space for your boots. And when going on a date? Let’s say you would just grab a pair of gorgeous high-top brown boots with a sexy mini skirt and a smart top. You could also ditch the browns and blacks for a while and go for a chic snakeskin printed leather boots.

Sports Shoes

Your free-spirited soul finds an expression in your choice of girl’s shoes. You like to stay on trend and don’t mind a hint of athletic charm reflecting in your overall style. However, contrary to popular belief, you may not be low maintenance after all. You are the girl on the go, and if you are not getting ready for a good jogging or tennis session, you still have a lot to do in a day. The comfort and support that a sports shoe offers to your feet is enough to make you run for them. Why not sport a fun and flirty look for a movie night? Go for the ones in vibrant pink and purple for that special day, keeping aside the other simpler ones for everyday purposes. Complete the look with a pair of jeans and a fitted tank top. Your idea of a man is fixed, you don’t do second chances, and you don’t mind making the first move and an absolute diva when being pursued. You can keep many a men guessing. Phew! You’re quite a star!

Flat Sandals

Comfort and style is all that you’re after. You don’t need high heels to give you a lift, because you are confident about your own appeal. Your kind of guy is not pretentious, but practical, romantic, sweet, and maybe a bit nerdy. Although you definitely have a few tricks up your sleeves to amp up your sex appeal, we suggest you keep a pair of red sandals handy. Red is the colour of sexiness and when paired with a lace flared skirt and a fitted top, you’ll be pure magic. Go for pink sandals when you are feeling flirty. And you know that you can always count on your favourite black sandals for an instant classy look.


Whoever thought flip-flops should best belong to the beach side never met you. You are that girl who would wear one to any place. And you probably will have a design to suit your purpose. We won’t be surprised to find flip-flops with monograms vying a place in your shoe rack with the ones with rhinestones and embroidery. Having you as a partner is a treat for your guy. You’re passionate, have a mind of your own, fearless, and can’t be confined to boundaries. Your guy wouldn’t have to secretly smoke in the backyard or make plans with your girlfriends. You’re sorted, give others their space, and like yours too in return.

Forget the eyes, shoes are the new mirror to your soul. They are telegraphing more about your inner world than you actually know. So girls, be mindful of what you wear because some eyes would be making a beeline for your kicks. And guys, take note of a girl’s footwear on your next date. You might just be one step closer to Miss Right.

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