How to Create 7 Novel Looks with Denim Shirts

How to Create 7 Novel Looks with Denim Shirts
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When it comes to versatility, reusability and making a fashion statement, Denim Shirts have stood the test of time and have emerged as a timeless classic, be it for the girl-next-door or the fashion divas walking down the ramp. Be it for their comfort or the versatility of wearing them with a denim-on-denim or a colorful bottom, Denim Shirts have always been a personal favourite, bringing out the glamour for both the genders. Here are simple and inexpensive ways to create 7 novel looks from the denim shirts that are always a là mode!

For Women:

1. Denim shirts with leather Skirts

If you are feeling bold and want to experiment with your denim shirt then this can be your stairway to the ultimate look for a glam night with your girlies or with your significant other. The shirt can be tucked in a pleated/fuller skirt to complete the look. You can win points on the style quotient by accessorizing with grunge black bracelets or a simple leather watch. To add to the look, dress in ankle boots or wear flats to add a more feminine touch to your dauntless avatar! If you have the figure for a fitted denim shirt and are feeling experimental, this transition will bring out the quintessential you. You will have heads turning around in no time!

2. Denim Shirts with Jeans

Denim on Denim can be a spectacular combination if worn right and such remixes will often work in your favor. Lighter shades of denim shirts worn with a darker pencil /slim fit /wash jeans can be your ideal look for a casual walk with friends or a lunch date. Such remixes work well with leather belts, a statement bag and flats or nude wedges. Hooped earrings or simple studs can complement this look and your hair can be worn down or tied up in a messy bun. This look is appropriate for a plethora of occasions and is always chic!

3. Denim Shirts with Coloured Jeans

Everyone is tired of the monotony of the same shaded denims lying in their wardrobes. Hence, colored jeans are the perfect way to customize your look in a refreshing and vibrant way. Several floral/striped or simply plain colored jeans have taken over the markets and are always seen in any customer’s bag! If you are tired of the same denim-on-denim matches then these colorful bottoms are what you should opt for. Denim shirts can be tucked under these jeans or simply let loose and worn with the sleeves rolled up and knee-length boots to bring out the sportiness in the attire. Hex-nut bracelets or wrap bracelets bring out the inner funkiness which makes this look causal as well jazzy!

4. Denim Shirts over Solid Coloured tank tops

Summer collections are meant to be cool, literally, for it is quite a task to beat this heat. This summer customize your look with plain coloured vests word underneath an unbuttoned denim shirt to add that charisma to your summer collection. Shirts can be left loose and worn over olive coloured/rugged jeans along with high-top sneakers to add to that adventurous look! Let the excitement of summer kick in and kick out the lethargy with this sporty look.

For Men:

1. Denims as Flannel Shirts

One of the easy ways is to rely on the simplicity of the denim shirt and use it as a flannel shirt to give it a nifty, spiffy look. One of the perks of this look is its versatility to adapt to any situation which will save you boys the trouble to raid through your wardrobe to find the perfect thing to wear. This can be worn with a plain T-shirt and a pair of darker-shaded denims or beige chinos/khakis to add to the all-year masculine look. This is one of the essential denim-on-denim remixes but you can experiment with other bottoms! Loafers or boots can be worn to add the nonchalant element in this rather simple yet befitting remix.

2. Formal Looks

Denim is popular for its sturdiness and its utility to serve any purpose, however, just because its worn casually, its capability to create an unconventional, aesthetic look should not be undermined- the perfect mixture of seriousness and peppiness in one look. D- Squared denim shirts work well with lighter cottons and tweed shirts to enhance the contrast between the two shades. They can be complemented with a bowtie or air tie to add that extra element of sobriety overshadowing the frivolity! These can be worn with loafers or moccasins for a lighter look or formal shoes.

3. Summer Styles with Denims

If you are aiming at creating a casual, summer look then this outfit can be used to create a very trendy or laidback look. A denim shirt can be worn with cargo shorts or chinos to paired up with converse shoes, loafers or sandals to create the perfect look to enjoy a casual day at the beach! Printed denim shirts or simple shaded denim shirts have always been in vogue and have emerged as the perfect complement to any outfit for any occasion- be it a day at the beach or a stroll in the park, the first day at work or a night out in the bar. You can be assured that when it comes to denim it can be teamed up with innumerable remixes, which can never be a fashion faux.

The durability, comfort, and re-usability of denim is unparalleled – be it as an added fabric during winters or paired with colourful jeans/chinos in the summers, the classic denim look never disappoints! The androgynous nature of this material is the panacea to every single wardrobe problem the men and ladies seem to be facing! These are the essential pieces that are always in vogue. So, make sure the next time you go shopping you bring with you the elixir of fashion win-wins!

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