How to Shop the Perfect Salwar Kameez Online

How to Shop the Perfect Salwar Kameez Online
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Gone are the days when the salwar kameez was favoured only by women who preferred wearing ethnic wear. With the range of cuts, colours, and fantastic designs available today, contemporary fashion lovers too can now flaunt anything from super cute and flared salwar kameez sets to sexy figure-hugging numbers. Look amazing whether you’re meeting friends at a cafe or closing an important business deal over lunch. If you’ve never worn a salwar kameez, now’s the time to start. Step out of your fashion comfort zone and try a design that easily gives voice to your style sensibilities. We show you how to pick designs that flatter your figure and help you make the right statement. Like any garment, the wrong choice of salwar kameez can be a fashion disaster, which is why it’s very important to learn which cuts suit you, which colours complement your complexion, and how to wear your favourite salwar kameez.

How to Choose the Correct Fit

A well-fitting salwar kameez highlights your best features and plays down those you don’t want accentuated. If you’re drooling over an embroidered net churidar, take a moment to consider whether it will flatter you or not. Some salwar kameez feature long kurtas that fall well below the knees. While they’re striking, they won’t look good on a petite frame. Likewise, short and flared kurtas won’t do much for women looking to add curves to their athletic figures. Salwar kameez cuts are very distinct, which makes it easier to choose between styles. For instance, an Anarkali, which is marked by a fitted kurta with several pleats at the hemline, can be worn by anyone as long as the length and flare complement the wearer’s figure. Anarkalis are a great way to spice up your wardrobe. However, if you aren’t too confident about wearing an Anarkali, we recommend opting for a kurta with an A-line cut as it looks fantastic on any figure- it’s classy and will easily elongate your frame.

Kameez aside, you also need to choose the right salwar. Traditional salwars have a loose fit, while some feature even looser patiala pants that look beautiful on tall women. If you’re petite but simply must have a patiala salwar suit, opt for pants that are slimmer and have fewer pleats. Don’t miss stylish palazzo pants with embroidered hemlines that lend a contemporary twist to outfits. We recommend them for strawberry shape figures where the bottom half of the body needs to be emphasised. Churidars, on the other hand, tend to have a more prim and proper look that’s ideal for semi-formal events. Of course, each of these can be dressed up or down depending on the style of the kurta as well as colour, print, and embellishments,- nevertheless, salwars should be chosen carefully.

Tips to Choose the Right Fabric

The material of any salwar kameez you choose is definitely worth the fuss. The wrong fabric can leave you feeling sweaty or cold, and just plain irritable! Imagine wearing a nylon salwar kameez on a sweltering day. We don’t need to tell you how uncomfortable that would be. Gauzy chiffon and georgette are perfect for warm weather and semi-formal affairs. The light, airy quality will leave you feeling cool and relaxed. On the other hand, cool cotton salwar kameez sets are the best for hot summer months. They’re comfortable and feature gorgeous colours and prints to help you celebrate the season. You can have several of them for day-to-day wear. They can be dressed up with dupattas featuring tasselled edges, and kitten heels or stilettos. For a special do, nothing beats the beauty of silk. The luxurious fabric drapes very well and exudes unmatched class especially when it features motifs and rich colours. Silk salwar kameez sets will easily help you stand apart, so put them on your list of must-have ethnic wear.

Choosing the Right Print & Pattern

You’ve decided on the cut and fabric, and now it’s time to narrow down on the prints. You can buy salwar kameez in solid colours, of course, but prints add so much more to the overall look. Think stripes, checks, floral print, and paisleys along with a bit of sequin, beadwork and mirror work. Large and bold prints tend to look gorgeous on slim women, whereas small prints look beautiful on those with heavier frames. Petite women should also stick with small prints or better yet, wear salwar kameez that feature patterns only on certain areas of the outfit. Prints all over the ensemble can look too busy and may diminish their smaller stature. If you’re setting out to buy salwar kameez sets for the little ones, look for designs with mirror work and contrast piping that can be highlighted with matching waistcoats. Don’t scrimp on the details like tassels and beadwork. They make dressing up so much fun and look totally adorable.

Picking the Perfect Colour

You could have a salwar kameez with the most fabulous cut and gorgeous fabric with stunning prints, but if the colours aren’t right for you, the ensemble will be ruined. Play it elegant with classics like black, beige, and white that suit any complexion. We do recommend opting for light colours during warm weather and dark shades when it gets nippy. Women with fair or pale skin will love how darker and bolder colours complement their complexion. Emerald green, navy blue, red, and pink are terrific choices to work with. If you have an olive complexion, neutral tones like beige, cream, and black are perfect, as are pink, emerald green, and almost any shade of red. Rich brown complexions look wonderful in warm colours such as pastels, gold, bronze, copper, orange, and red.

Dressing for the Occasion

Falling for gorgeous salwar kameez is easy, but the smart thing to do is to keep the occasion in mind. You can style a salwar suit for different occasions. Are you looking for something to wear to an engagement party or do you want to impress a date? We suggest saving the conventional cuts and colours for formal celebrations like weddings and keeping the sexy, contemporary styles for parties. Enjoy shopping for salwar kameez with embroidered detail, delicate net panelling, stunning metallic accents, and zari work. Ethnic wear gives you the freedom to go all-out with colours, prints, and embellishments. And if you want to add a personal touch to what you’re wearing, feel free to accessorise with jewellery, bags, and even makeup. Don’t forget beautiful footwear to tie everything together.

Buying salwar kameez sets doesn’t have to be difficult, and with our fashion guide, you should have little trouble shopping like a pro. Keep your look fresh and up-to-date with designs that flatter your figure and make you feel confident and gorgeous. Set aside dresses in favour of a lovely salwar kameez the next time you have a happening do to get to. Jeans may be your go-to day-to-day wear, but why not try a trendy Patiala salwar kameez? A striking tie-dye design with pretty tassel detail is what we recommend. You can play up your looks with delicate bracelets and stud earrings, or let your outfits do all the talking. The salwar kameez is the perfect blend of feminine allure and grace. With a few of these stunners in your wardrobe, you’ll enjoy looking smashing no matter the occasion.

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