Side Eye

What Does "Side Eye" Mean in Social Media Slang

In social media slang, “Side Eye” is an expression that conveys skepticism, suspicion, or disapproval. It’s often used when someone observes or encounters something they find questionable, shady, or just plain awkward. The term originates from the physical act of looking at something or someone from the corner of your eye, implying a subtle, indirect form of judgment.

Where is "Side Eye" Used in Social Media?

“Side Eye” is widely used across various social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. It’s often incorporated into captions, comments, and memes to express a wide range of emotions. Users might share a post that elicits a “Side Eye” to convey their doubts or to humorously call attention to something odd or amusing.


“Side Eye” is a versatile expression used by people of all ages and backgrounds on social media. It transcends generational and cultural boundaries, making it a universally understood way to communicate skepticism or disapproval in a lighthearted manner.


In the realm of social media, “Side Eye” has evolved into a powerful tool for conveying subtle, often humorous judgment. It’s a succinct way to react to posts, situations, or behaviors that raise an eyebrow, and it’s embraced by a diverse audience as a form of playful social commentary. This term exemplifies how language on social media continuously adapts and creates a shared cultural lexicon that transcends borders and connects people through humor and shared experiences.For more insights into social media terminology and trends, explore our social media glossary.
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