What Does "Share of Voice" Mean in Social Media Slang?

Share of Voice (SOV) is a term used in the realm of social media and digital marketing. It refers to the portion of online conversations, discussions, or content that a particular brand, product, or entity occupies within a specific topic or industry. Essentially, SOV measures how much visibility a brand has in comparison to its competitors within the digital space.

Where is "SOV" Used in Social Media?

SOV is a crucial metric in social media marketing and is primarily used in the following contexts:

Competitive Analysis: Marketers utilize SOV to gauge how their brand stacks up against competitors in terms of online presence and conversation. This helps in strategizing and gaining a competitive edge.

Campaign Assessment: When running social media campaigns, monitoring SOV allows marketers to understand their campaign’s effectiveness in capturing audience attention and generating conversations.

Content Strategy: SOV can aid in content strategy by identifying trending topics and keywords, helping brands tailor their content to align with what’s currently resonating with their audience.

Influencer Marketing: SOV can be a key factor in influencer selection. Brands often partner with influencers who have a substantial share of voice within their niche to reach a wider audience.

Who Uses Share of Voice

Share of Voice is employed by various stakeholders in the digital and social media landscape:

Marketers and advertisers leverage SOV to evaluate campaign performance and make data-driven decisions.

Brands use it to understand their market presence compared to competitors and inform their marketing strategies.

Social media managers track SOV to analyze their brand’s online performance and optimize content.

Media agencies use SOV metrics when managing clients’ social media campaigns.


In social media slang, “Share of Voice” (SOV) is a vital metric that helps brands and marketers measure their online visibility and presence within a given industry or topic. It is instrumental in competitive analysis, campaign assessment, content strategy, and influencer marketing. Understanding SOV allows businesses to make informed decisions and stay competitive in the dynamic world of social media and digital marketing.

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