What Does "Moots" Mean in Social Media Slang?

“Moots” is a term commonly used in social media slang to refer to friends or mutual followers on various social media platforms. It’s derived from the word “mutual,” signifying that these are individuals who follow each other’s accounts and often engage in online interactions, whether through likes, comments, or direct messages.

Where is "Moots" Used in Social Media?

You’ll frequently come across “Moots” in various social media contexts and platforms. Here are some common situations where you might encounter it:

Friendships: “Moots” are typically people who have established online friendships or connections through shared interests, fandoms, or communities.

Fandoms and Fanbases: Within fan communities, especially on platforms like Twitter and Tumblr, “Moots” are individuals who support the same celebrities, musicians, or TV shows and often interact through fan discussions and content sharing.

Supportive Networks: Content creators, such as YouTubers or Instagram influencers, may refer to their dedicated followers as “Moots” to express gratitude for their support.

Collaborations and Engagement: Creators and brands might reach out to their “Moots” for collaborations, feedback, or engagement, recognizing their loyal and active followers.

Online Communities: In group chats or forums dedicated to specific interests or fandoms, “Moots” are individuals who actively participate in discussions and share a sense of camaraderie.

The Sense of Community in "Moots"

“Moots” exemplify the sense of community and connection that social media platforms can foster. They are often the people you turn to for support, encouragement, and shared experiences in the digital space. The term highlights the idea that online friendships and connections can be just as meaningful and supportive as those in the physical world.

This social media slang term has a warm and inclusive connotation, signifying that despite the vastness of the internet, individuals can find like-minded peers and build genuine relationships online.


“Moots” is a term that encapsulates the sense of belonging and camaraderie that characterizes social media culture. As you navigate the digital landscape, keep an eye out for “Moots” — they might just become an integral part of your online journey, enriching your experiences and connections along the way.

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