BAE - Before Anyone Else

What Does "Before Anyone Else" Mean in Social Media Slang?

In the realm of social media slang, “BAE” is a term that holds a special place. It stands for “Before Anyone Else” and is used to refer to someone or something that holds top priority in a person’s life. Essentially, it’s an endearing term used to express deep affection or attachment.

Where is "Before Anyone Else" Used in Social Media?

“BAE” is widely used across various social media platforms, particularly in posts, comments, and captions. People use it to describe their significant other, close friends, beloved pets, or even their favorite things like food, movies, or hobbies. It has become a popular way to show appreciation and affection.

When did People Start Saying "BAE"?

The origins of “BAE” are believed to date back to the early 2000s, but it gained widespread popularity in the mid-2010s. Initially, it was an acronym used in African American Vernacular English (AAVE) and hip-hop culture before crossing over into mainstream internet culture. Its usage exploded on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


In the world of social media slang, “BAE” is a term that encapsulates the idea of something or someone being “Before Anyone Else.” It’s a way to express affection, and it’s widely used on various social media platforms to convey strong bonds and connections. The term’s journey from its origins in AAVE and hip-hop culture to becoming a common expression on the internet illustrates how language and slang evolve with time and through cultural exchange. So, the next time you see someone refer to their “BAE” on social media, you’ll know they’re talking about someone or something they hold dear.

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