About Us

Trupti Thakkar

A year ago,I would’ve never pictured my life the way it is now.

Everyone has a story to tell and incidents to share but very few to listen. so sad… But I am happy because you are reading this page. It means that you would want to listen to my story. So, Hola people my name is Trupti Thakkar. Wondering about my profession then I am quite a multi-tasker as I am a Fashion Designer and also a homemaker. Fashion has been my passion since my childhood. Sketching, Stitching and Fabrics are home to me.

I decided to start this blog to contribute my bit, share my experience, knowledge and maybe help someone have a good day. Hope my blog guides you to be a Showstopper because we believe in

Dress how you want to be Addressed.


Dhwani Davda

Hello People, I am  Dhwani Davda, one of the authors of this blog. As a child, I was always fascinated to clothes, jewelry & styling and now in this tech era, we can have all just a click away. Being a teen I have seen technology sneak in our lives from going to shops to buy your clothing to now just ordering them from sites. It is all so quick now, Want to know whats summer trends google them, which lehenga to opt for this festive season google has it covered for all. So one of the reasons I am writing is to share my experience and love for fashion. Maybe this can help you somehow or somewhere. Coming back to present currently, I am pursuing my MBA.

Don’t tell people your Dreams. Show them