Top Horror Movies  to Watch on Disney Hotstar

1. Predator

In the film "Predator," an expert military squad under the command of Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger) engages in lethal combat with an extraterrestrial hunter in a deep jungle.

2. Barbarian

An exciting story of brave warriors, titanic conflicts, and wild terrain. Accept unadulterated strength, innate rivalries, and a descent into barbarism.

3. Ready or Not

The gloomily humorous horror movie "Ready or Not" follows a newlywed as she is initiated into her wealthy in-laws' strange game night, which quickly turns fatal.

4. Jennifer's Body

The movie investigates the gloomily comical effects of a demonic possession that turns a cheerleader into a flesh-eating succubus in high school.

5. The Omen

A classic horror movie called "The Omen" tells the story of the unsettling happenings surrounding a little child who is thought to be the Antichrist.

6. The Black Cauldron

Based on the novels by Lloyd Alexander, it is an animated picture that chronicles Taran's mission to stop a wicked warlord from utilising a magical cauldron.

7. The Nightmare before Christmas

Tim Burton's movie is a dark fantasy movie. It centres on Jack Skellington, also known as the Pumpkin King, who discovers Christmas and attempts to take control of it.

8. Don't Look under the Bed

A teenager uses the assistance of an imaginary friend to demonstrate her innocence in strange incidents and decipher a world full of boogeymen and childhood anxieties.