Discover the 8 Highest-Rated Movies on Hotstar for a Memorable Movie Night

Timeless classic, directed by Darabont, tells a tale of friendship, hope, and redemption in a maximum-security prison. Starring Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman, it's a must-see

Spielberg's Holocaust epic follows Schindler, a German who saves 1,000+ Jewish lives. A testament to humanity's triumph over evil.

The Godfather

Coppola's crime epic, featuring Brando and Pacino, delves into mafia power dynamics and family. A timeless cinematic masterpiece.

Zemeckis directs Hanks in a heartwarming tale of a simple man shaping history with humor, love, and unexpected twists.

Pulp Fiction

Tarantino's cult classic, with nonlinear storytelling and unforgettable characters, sets a cinematic benchmark with sharp dialogue and dark humor.

The Dark Knight

Nolan's Batman sequel, dark and masterful. Ledger's legendary Joker. Themes of chaos, morality, and heroism explored.


Nolan's mind-bending thriller delves into dreams and subconscious manipulation, with intricate plotting and stunning visuals, keeping you engaged to the end.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Wes Anderson's quirky, visually stunning comedy is a whimsical adventure in a fictional European hotel, featuring colorful characters and unique storytelling.