Top 7 Unpredictable Movies Available on Netflix

1. I'm thinking of Ending Things(2020)

It takes the audience on a bizarre trip inside a problematic relationship, combining psychological depth with spooky ambiguity.

2. The Platform

It is a dystopian thriller in which inmates on vertical floors strive for survival while a single platform provides insufficient food, revealing the terrible side of human nature.

3. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

It is an interactive film in which spectators make decisions for the protagonist, resulting in a mind-bending tale.

4. The Invisible Guest

 A suspenseful Spanish thriller unfolds as a prosperous businessman seeks the assistance of an attorney to defend his innocence in a murder case.

5. A Wednesday 

A gripping drama unfolds as a regular guy orchestrates a dangerous standoff in order to expose corruption, challenging traditional conventions. Twists abound.

6. Raat Akeli Hai

It is a riveting Indian crime thriller in which a small-town officer probes the hidden secrets of an affluent family following a suspicious death.

7. An Action Hero

The movie follows a tenacious protagonist as she navigates explosive conflicts, blending heart-stopping feats with an unexpected plot twist.