Top 7 Psychological Thrillers on Netflix

7. The Strays

A family's idyllic life is shattered when they adopt stray children, revealing dark secrets that threaten their sanity and survival.

6. Hypnotic

It is a mind-bending thriller in which a hypnotist's sessions reveal dark secrets, blending reality and illusion.

5. The Devil All The Time

It is a disturbing Southern Gothic tale that dives into dark themes of faith, violence, and obsession.

4. Rebecca

A young woman marries a wealthy widower, but the ghost of his late wife haunts their life in this dramatic adaption.

3. The Perfection

In this movie, two talented cellists engage in a dark rivalry that leads to complex secrets and terrible ends.

2. The Platform

It  takes us into a futuristic vertical jail where food scarcity matches society stratification, causing instability and introspection.

1. The Woman in the Window

In this movie, an agoraphobic psychologist spies on neighbours, witnesses a horrifying crime, and unravels puzzles from her past.