Top 7 International Horror Movies

7. Psycho

With its classic shower scene and psychological suspense, Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho" (1960) disturbs and goes on to shape horror cinema for decades.

6. The Cremator

It  explores the unsettling mental state of a cremation employee who is driven by his delusions about death and Nazi ideology.

5. Alien

A terrifying science fiction masterwork that skillfully combines tension and terror as the crew fights a terrible extraterrestrial entity aboard their ship.

4. The Shining

The terrifying Kubrick adaptation brings Stephen King's unsettling classic to life. Viewers are terrified by Jack Nicholson's acting and the eerie images.

3. The Thing

The movie depicts the paranoia that overcomes an Antarctic research team fighting a shape-shifting alien creature in order to survive.

2. The Silence Of Lambs

It is a masterwork of psychological thriller that enthrals with its spooky story and memorable performances.

1. Cure

It explores a detective's terrifyingly enigmatic approach to tracking down a serial killer, delving into psychological horror.

Cure - 7 International Horror Movies