Thrillers to Keep You Up All Night: Netflix's Most Gripping Selection

7. Incantation

The movie explores a witch's quest for retribution, weaving a compelling story with elements of intrigue and the paranormal.

6. Silent Night

In the gripping movie on Netflix, a family's Christmas get-together turns spooky due to secrets, deceit, and unexpected visitors.

5. Malignant

A terrifying story of sinister mysteries and otherworldly terrors revealed through a woman's unsettling dreams.

4. Fear Street Part One

Fear Street Part One: 1994 on Netflix explores the dark past of a menacing village and unleashes terrifying creatures on gullible teenagers.

3. The Block Island Sound

In this compelling Netflix thriller, a family deals with unsettling phenomena while mysterious events befall Block Island.

2. X 

During a remote shoot in the woods, a group of filmmakers come with a mysterious entity that sets the stage for an engrossing thriller.

1. The Old Ways

A terrifying Netflix original film. A journalist confronting her personal issues, she discovers sinister rites in Mexico.