Pre-Holi Skincare Tips To Protect your Skin

1. Prioritize Hydration

Before Holi, stay hydrated by drinking lots of water throughout the day. Your skin cells plump up as a result, strengthening them against the drying effects of colour.

2. Moisturize

Days before Holi, slather your face, neck, and exposed areas with a heavy layer of moisturiser. This makes colour absorption lessened and makes colour removal simple.

3. Apply Oil

Almond or coconut oil are examples of natural oils that might provide further protection. One day prior to Holi, gently massage a small amount of oil onto your body and face.

4. Protect Lips

Keep your lips real! Put on a generous coating of petroleum jelly or lip balm to moisturise them and shield them from the drying effects of pigments.

5. Protection From Sunlight

Make sure to apply sunscreen at least fifteen minutes before playing Holi outside. Use sunscreen again every two hours.

6. Use Organic Colours

 When feasible, use organic and natural colours. Natural colouring agents, such as turmeric, beetroot powder, and flower petals, are kinder to your skin.

7. Protect your nails

To avoid colour straining, paint your nails with clear nail lacquer before Holi. For extra protection, you can also use petroleum jelly over your nails.