Here Are the Top 8 Korean Dramas to Add to Your List in September 2023

1. The Uncanny Counter

A Bunch of Noodle Shop Employees Use Their Magical Skills to Pursue Demons in Secret. This Month Marks the Release of the Season 2 Finale.

Sep 4 - Netflix

2. A Time Called You

In 1998, a Girl Travels Back in Time and Takes Over the Body of Another Person. She Lives Her Life Again and Encounters a Man Who Resembles Her Deceased Boyfriend.

Sep 8 - Netflix

3. Arthdal Chronicles: The Sword of Aramun

After Four Years, This Period Drama Will Make Its Much Awaited Comeback.

Sep. 9 - Netflix

4. In The Day Of The Kidnapping

When a Girl From a Privileged Family is Abducted, a Desperate Father's Abduction Attempt Takes a Sinister and Strange Turn.

Sep 13 - ENA

5. 7 Escape

In This Korean Drama, Seven Characters Become Involved in the Search for a Missing Girl and Learn the Truth Behind Several Lies.

Sep 15 - SBS TV

6. Song Of The Bandits

In This Action-packed K-drama Set in the 1920s, Various Groups Congregate in Lawless Gando During Korea's Colonial Rule to Protect Joseon's Future.

Sep 22 - Netflix

7. Twinkling Watermelon

Through a Strange Musical Instrument Shop, a Musically Talented Child Enters a Mysterious Realm and Ultimately Forms a Band.

Sep 25 - tvN

8. The Worst Of Evil

In This K-drama, Undercover Officers Infiltrate a Criminal Organization That Organizes Drug Shipments Across China, Japan, and Korea.

Sep 27 - Disney+