Karan Wahi: Secrets For His Fitness

Karan Wahi: Secrets For His Fitness

Karan Wahi, who is creating waves in the entertainment business, captivates audiences with his charisma and ability. Check out his secrets for fit body.

| About Karan

Karan Wahi being a foodie himself enjoys eating Indian food that is prepared with little oil and spices.

| Loves Indian Food

Instead of eating aloo paratha, Karan Wahi switched to healthier boiled eggs.

| Gamechanger

Chicken is his favourite food, and Karan Wahi finds it impossible to live without it.

| Chicken Included

Never once does Karan Wahi forget to drink a glass of fresh juice. His Instagram updates confirm this.

| Fresh Fruit Juice

After his training, Karan Wahi consumes protein to keep his energy levels up throughout the day.

| Protein Shake

Karan Wahi enjoys eating Rajma Chawal since he is a true Punjabi. He may consume it at any moment.

| Rajma Chawal

Karan Wahi enjoys going to parties, but he avoids drinking alcohol.

| Avoids Alcohol

More than six months have passed since Karan Wahi last ate junk food. He enjoys eating, but he steers clear of junk stuff.

| No Junk Food