Top 4 Exciting Hindi Movies Premiering Before 2024 – Get Ready to Binge!


In a dystopian future, Ganapath, a skilled vigilante, battles a powerful criminal empire, offering hope in the city's darkest hour.

12th Fail

Adapted from Anurag Pathak's bestseller, "12th Fail" celebrates the indomitable spirit of countless students who persevere against all odds.

Bombay (2023)

In this gritty underworld, Ulas Mhatre and his gang navigate lies, greed, and murder, while Nana harbors ambitions of usurping the throne.


"Animal" delves into a tumultuous father-son dynamic amidst the brutal underworld, catalyzing the son's transformation into a ruthless psychopath.

Merry Christmas

On Christmas Eve, a seemingly ordinary day takes a dramatic twist, turning the lives of two individuals completely around.


During an aeroplane hijacking, a soldier aids passengers in a battle against terrorists. Despite engine damage, survival becomes a daunting challenge.