Heart-Pounding Suspense: Netflix's Most Intense Thriller

7. Ghostwatch

Ghostwatch is a spine-tingling mix of horror and mockumentary that delves deeply into paranormal occurrences with compelling realism.

6. Alien

A crew fights a terrible extraterrestrial beast aboard their spaceship in this suspenseful science fiction horror film.

5. Pet Sematary

A family learns of their cat's horrifying ability to bring the dead back to life after burying it at an unsettling graveyard.

4. Butcher, Baker Night

A dark power lurks beneath charming streets as a little community deals with grisly murders.

3. Satanic Hispanics

 A group of Hispanic friends investigating ancient rites face deadly powers as a suspenseful thriller unfolds.

2. Dream Scenario

 Fantastical dreams and reality collide for a struggling writer, setting off a bizarre journey of self-discovery.

1. Bodies Bodies Bodies

A group of friends face their darkest secrets on a weekend getaway that turns fatal in this gripping thriller.