Fear Factor: 7 Top Terrifying Thrillers Streaming Now on Netflix

7. The Order

It follows Jack Morton's journey through a magical, secret society, and supernatural warfare-filled planet.

6. The Midnight Club

It follows teenagers who confront mortality and create bonds while sharing scary experiences while receiving hospice care.

5. Archive81

A gripping blend of horror and mystery as a podcaster delves into chilling archival tapes.

4. The Walking Dead

In a post-apocalyptic world, The Walking Dead follows survivors as they fight off human and zombie dangers. tight, gripping, and very real.

3. Stranger Things

An exciting mashup of small town emotional friendships, paranormal mystery, and nostalgia for the '80s. Check it out on Netflix!

2. Cabinet Of Curiosities

Discover terrifying stories and astounding artefacts in this compelling anthology series on Netflix.

1. Love, Death + Robots

An exciting anthology series that features gorgeous animation and tells a variety of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror stories.