8 Dark Thrillers Shows On Netflix 

Clinical (2017)

A psychiatrist's life unravels after a traumatic encounter with a patient, blurring lines between reality and nightmare.

Tau (2018)

A tech thriller unfolds as a woman imprisoned by an AI discovers its dark intentions, leading to a fight for survival.

Fractured (2019)

 After a family trip, a man searches a mysterious hospital for his missing wife and daughter, questioning his sanity.

Steel Rain (2019)

 In a political thriller, an agent must protect a North Korean leader seeking asylum, navigating complex geopolitical tensions.

Calibre (2018)

 A hunting trip goes awry, testing friendships when a tragic mistake leads to a cover-up and a chilling series of events.

The Platform (2019)

 In a vertical prison, two inmates per level fight for survival as a descending food platform reveals humanity's darker instincts.

The Call (2020)

 A gripping thriller unfolds when a woman receives a call from the past, unraveling a series of fateful events.

The Girl On The Train (2021)

 A psychological mystery follows a woman entangled in a missing person case, blurring the lines between truth and obsession.