7 Best Dark Thriller Movies On Disney Hotstar

7. A Thursday

A compelling thriller in which a mystery woman kidnaps a school, exposing a disturbing reason that calls into question notions of justice and morality.

6. Glass

It investigates the convergence of superhuman talents in individuals, with David Dunn, Mr. Glass, and The Horde colliding to expose a complicated web of identities and motivations.

5. The King's Man

It is an action-packed prequel that uncovers the beginnings of the secret intelligence agency while exploring a world on the verge of World War I.

4. Kaabil

It is a Bollywood thriller about a visually handicapped couple who seek justice after a tragic occurrence, demonstrating resilience and revenge.

3. Red Sparrow

A Russian ballerina turns espionage, navigating a labyrinth of deception, seduction, and danger in a high-stakes game of intelligence.

2. Drishyam

A thrilling Indian thriller in which a lowly man's intelligence is tested as he attempts to outsmart the law following a family tragedy.

1. Death On The Nile 

A fascinating murder investigation unfolds aboard a sumptuous cruise, putting investigator Hercule Poirot's skills to the test amid duplicity and betrayal.