Dark Delights - 7 Must Watch Horror Shows on Amazon Prime

A supernatural drama that follows a soul-possessed vampire as he aids the defenceless in Los Angeles. 

7. Angel

The captivating series on Amazon Prime features a captivating blend of dark magic, teenage angst, and witchy mayhem.

6. Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

An exciting fusion of fantasy, crime, and mythology following a detective fighting otherworldly beings in contemporary Portland.

5. Grimm

As a postmortem photographer explores the murky corners of Victorian Dublin, a gruesome story comes to light.

4. Dead Still

Brothers pursue monsters, spirits, and devils. Epic fights, witty banter, and family bonds.

3. Supernatural

A terrifying anthology series delving into the most horrific aspects of psychological horror is available on Amazon Prime. 

2. Channel Zero

A compelling series that explores the challenges of living after a zombie apocalypse by fusing drama and horror.

1. In The Flesh