AI Imagines Bollywood Actors in Oppenheimer

Christopher Nolan is receiving praise for his most recent film. In total, Oppenheimer has received 337 million

Here are 7 Bollywood actors that AI created to appear in Oppenheimer's world.

AI has created an image of SRK as J. Robert Oppenheimer.

| Shah Rukh Khan

Naseeruddin Shah is imagined by AI as Albert Einstein FOR Oppenheimer.

| Naseeruddin Shah

Alia Bhatt is envisioned by AI as Oppenheimer's love interest, American psychiatrist Jean Tatlock.

| Alia Bhatt

Anupam Kher is what AI envisions as Lewis Strauss, a former secretary of commerce for the US. This part in the Oppenheimer  was portrayed by Robert Downey Jr.

| Anupam Kher

Anushka Sharma is imagined by AI as Robert Oppenheimer's wife Kitty Oppenheimer.

| Anushka Sharma

AI imagines Aamir Khan as Leslie Groves, a director of the Manhattan Project and a lieutenant general in the US Army  in Oppenheimer.

| Aamir Khan

AI envisions David Hill as Rajkumar Rao. This role in the movie Oppenheimer was performed by Rami Malek.

| Rajkumar Rao