9 Best Documentaries On Netflix

Life On Our Planet

Sir David Attenborough's urgent call to action, detailing humanity's impact on Earth's ecosystems.

The Hunt For Veerappa

A gripping documentary on the pursuit of India's notorious sandalwood smuggler.

Bad Boy Billionaires

Scandalous tales of India's business tycoons, unraveling financial empires and legal battles.

Caught Out Crime

 True crime stories examined in detail, shedding light on the complexities of criminal investigations.

Unknown Cosmic Time Machine

– Exploring the mysteries of the universe, time, and space through cutting-edge astrophysical discoveries.

Formula 1: Drive to Survive

– An adrenaline-fueled journey behind the scenes of Formula 1, capturing the intense world of racing.

The Plane That Disappeared

– Investigating perplexing aviation mysteries, delving into the disappearances that have baffled experts.

Wild Babies

– A heartwarming look at the early lives of various animal species, highlighting the challenges and joys of wildlife parenting.

Greatest Events of WW2 in Colour

– Historical events vividly recounted with rare color footage, offering a fresh perspective on World War II.