9 Best Coming-Of-Age Movies On Netflix

The Last Summer (2019)

Follow a group of friends navigating love and change in the final summer before college, exploring friendship and romance.

Fatherhood (2021)

A poignant tale unfolds as a widower must navigate the challenges of single parenthood, embracing love, loss, and growth.

The Perfect Date (2019)

A high school student creates a dating app to fund his college dreams, but unexpected connections challenge his priorities.

The Kissing Booth (2018)

 Romance and friendship are tested when a high school student's secret kiss with her best friend's brother sparks a love triangle.

Along For The Ride (2022)

– A teenager navigates her parents' divorce while discovering love and self-discovery during a transformative summer.

Moxie (2021)

Empowered by her mother's rebellious past, a high schooler starts a feminist revolution at her school, challenging the status quo.

Enola Holmes (2020)

Sherlock's spirited sister, Enola, embarks on a journey to find her missing mother, unraveling mysteries and forging her own path.

The Water Man (2020)

A young boy embarks on a quest to find a mythical figure, the Water Man, to save his ailing mother in this heartfelt adventure.

Mixtape (2021)

– Set in the vibrant music scene of LA, interconnected stories explore love, friendship, and self-discovery through the power of music.