9 Best Action Shows On Netflix 2023

The Witcher

Geralt and Ciri, bound by destiny, navigate a world of political intrigue. A princess turned witcher-in-training, Ciri's fate entwines with Geralt's protective quest.


Doron, a Mista'arvim unit commander, pursues Hamas arch-terrorist "The Panther" in Season 1. Filmed during the 2014 Gaza War in Kafr Qasim, it premiered on February 15, 2015.


Season 1 traces Pablo Escobar's rise in the cocaine trade from the late 1970s to July 1992. Narrated by DEA agent Steve Murphy, it unfolds Escobar's journey into the drug world in Colombia.

Alice In Boderland

Jobless gamer Arisu and friends enter an eerie Tokyo, forced into deadly games for survival. Amidst this, Arisu befriends Usagi, a lone player in their strange reality.

Vikings Valhalla

A millennium ago, Viking-English tensions rise in the early 11th century. Bloodshed looms as internal strife brews among Vikings, torn between pagan and Christian beliefs.

The Night Agent

FBI Agent Peter Sutherland unravels a government mole conspiracy, racing to expose the traitor. He also protects tech CEO Rose Larkin from her relatives' killers to save the nation.


Hesiod's Theogony lists 12 Titans, including Oceanus and Cronus. Instigated by Gaea, they rebelled against their father, confined to Tartarus.

Locke And Key

After their father's mysterious murder, the Locke siblings move into Keyhouse, discovering magical keys linked to his death.


During the pandemic, Bloodhounds delves into South Korea's surging private loan business amid global financial woes. Exploiting job losses, loan sharks offer swift, collateral-free loans.