8 New Releases Shows On Netflix 2023 

The Railway Men - The Untold Story Of Bhopal

After a Bhopal factory gas leak, brave railway workers risk their lives to rescue others in an indescribable disaster.

The Crown

Explores the political rivalries and romantic intrigues during Queen Elizabeth II's reign, delving into the pivotal events that shaped the latter half of the 20th century.

Best Christmas Ever

Jackie sends a boastful Christmas newsletter to Charlotte every year. Fate brings Charlotte to Jackie's doorstep, leading her to challenge the notion of Jackie's perfect life.

Believer 2

A relentless detective persists in unraveling the mysteries surrounding Asia's largest drug organization and its enigmatic leader, with whom he shares unresolved history.

Criminal Code

Criminal Code weaves reality and fiction, inspired by Paraguay's 'robbery of the century.' Netflix seamlessly integrates authentic heist details, from planning to DNA evidence.

Crashing Eid

Razan's Eid surprise shakes her family. With Lamar's help, she faces a custody battle. Engaged in London, she heads to Jeddah, seeking family blessings.

Stamped from the Beginning

Qureshi praises the book's clear exploration of racialization over centuries. Kendi's hopeful vision aims to end discriminatory policies, relegating racist ideas to history, noted by Qureshi.