8 Cocktail Rums For Winter

1. Mai Tai

This beverage is a traditional concoction made with rum, orange liqueur and elegant almond syrup.

2. Dark and Stormy

Each of its 3 ingredients has a lot of personality, the rich, earthy dark rum with vanilla and brown sugar 

3. Classic Diaquiri

The first rum drink that everyone should learn to create is the daiquiri.

4. Hot Buttered Rum

With a dash of butterscotch, the cosy wintry brew tastes a lot like apple cider.

5.Rum and Coke

To maintain balance in this classic cocktail, stick with a ration of 1:2 or 1:3, and be amazed.

6.Rum Old Fashioned

It won't take long for this classic cocktail to warm you up, and you won't want to stop.

7.Rum Swizzle

It tastes kind of like a Mai Tai, But you;ll need a lot more dark rum in this one than you would in Mai Tai

8.Hot Gold Apple Cider

An energising concoction of spices rum, cinnamon schnapps and cider is sure to cheer people up.