8 Bollywood Psychological Thrillers That Are Worth Watching

8. Rudra: The Edge of Darkness 

It's a Bollywood thriller about a determined officer traversing a complicated web of crime and corruption.

7. The Girl on The Train 

The thriller movie depicts an amnesiac woman who becomes engaged in a murder mystery, uncovering dark secrets and confronting personal demons.

6. Asur 

A psychological thriller in which a forensic specialist and a cop investigate a string of horrific killings linked to ancient Indian mythology.

5. Game Over

In this movie, a trauma survivor faces her inner demons while dealing with a strange home invasion, blending reality and psychological terror.

4. Bhram

Psychological thriller about a woman's spiral into madness as she struggles with reality and uncovers horrific secrets from her past.

3. Talaash

It is a Bollywood psychological thriller in which Aamir Khan plays a cop who investigates a suspicious death and delves into the supernatural.

2. Phobia

The psychological thriller "Phobia" follows an agoraphobic artist as she battles terror in her haunted flat and uncovers terrible mysteries.

1. Kartik Calling Kartik

Kartik, a shy introvert, receives strange phone calls that alter his life, sending him on a thrilling voyage of self-discovery and adventure.