8 Best Thriller Crime Shows On Netflix 

Dare Me (2019)

Dare Me, based on Megan Abbott's novel, defies cheerleader stereotypes. In one season, it delves into dark competitiveness with standout performances and moody relevance

Bodies (2023)

Bodies," a DC-inspired series, has detectives solving a tense murder in London across timelines. This action-packed tale blends mind-bending elements with gritty crime and a stellar cast.

Painkiller (2023)

Painkiller" with Uzo Aduba and Taylor Kitsch explores the opioid crisis, distinct from "Dopesick," portraying intricate stories of doctors, victims, and investigators seeking justice.

Midnight at the Pera Palace (2022)

Midnight at the Pera Palace" on Netflix intertwines history, time travel, and Agatha Christie in a captivating period drama led by Hazal Kaya and a talented cast.

Florida Man (2023)

Florida Man," led by Edgar Ramírez and produced by Jason Bateman, is a wild crime comedy. A disgraced cop's simple job in Florida spirals into chaos, criminality, and absurd humor.

In From the Cold (2022)

In From the Cold" blends espionage, crime, and sci-fi. Ex-KGB assassin Jenny unravels a mysterious death series using her unique skills in this gripping, underrated series.

Inside Man (2022)

Inside Man" exposes U.S. prison flaws, unfolding in four intense episodes with dark twists despite a somewhat flimsy foundation.

Better Call Saul (2015)

Better Call Saul" on AMC unveils Saul Goodman's dark backstory with Odenkirk's nuanced performance. A dramatic prequel rivaling "Breaking Bad." - Collider Staff