Top 8 Kid-Friendly Netflix Shows for Fun and Learning

A series of unfortunate events

A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Baudelaire orphans face mysteries, mayhem, and Count Olaf in this whimsical Netflix series. IMDb RATING 7.8/10

Masha and the bear

Masha and the Bear: An endearing Netflix series that follows the spirited Masha and her lovable bear companion on whimsical adventures, teaching life lessons with heartwarming humor IMDb RATING 7.5/10

Green House academy

Greenhouse Academy: Netflix's teen drama of intrigue and friendship, where students at an elite boarding school unravel secrets and face high school challenges. IMDb RATING 6.6/10

The baby sitters club

The Baby-Sitters Club: Netflix's heartwarming series as friends embark on entrepreneurial adventures, forming lifelong bonds amid teenage ups and downs IMDb RATING 7.5/10

My dad the bounty hunter

My Dad the Bounty Hunter: Netflix's action-packed family series, where kids join their dad on thrilling bounty hunts, balancing crime-fighting with bonding IMDb RATING 7.2/10

Alexa and katie

Alexa & Katie: Netflix's heartwarming series follows their unbreakable friendship, navigating high school, cancer, and life's challenges together. IMDb RATING 7.5/10

No good nick

No Good Nick: Netflix's engaging dramedy series follows a young con artist who infiltrates a family, leading to unexpected connections, laughter, and life lessons IMDb RATING 6.1/10


Brainchild: A captivating Netflix educational series that combines fun and science, exploring fascinating topics to inspire curiosity and learning in young minds." IMDb RATING 8.1/10

Junior baking show