8 Best Crime Shows On Amazon Prime

Outer Range

Rancher unravels supernatural secrets on his land, altering his reality

Gen V

A group deploys advanced tech to combat unknown threats, safeguarding humanity.

The Horror of Dolores Roach

Dolores faces gruesome challenges and explores the dark corners of her life in this gripping horror tale.

Devil’s Hour

Mysteries unfold during a specific hour, revealing chilling secrets and testing characters' limits.


Espionage drama navigates the intricate world of intelligence, filled with betrayals and covert operations.

Boston Legal

Legal chaos ensues at a Boston law firm, blending drama, humor, and ethical dilemmas.

Jack Ryan

CIA analyst Jack Ryan embarks on high-stakes global missions, tackling terrorism and international intrigue.

Three Pines

Quaint village becomes the backdrop for mysteries, weaving together the lives of its charming residents.