8 Action And Adventure Shows On Amazon Prime

Gen V

At Godolkin University, young superheroes, or "supes," test their morals, competing for top honors and a spot in The Seven, Vought International's elite team.

Road To A Million

Nine pairs, including nurses, retired police, siblings, friends, and a couple, compete for a prize by answering 10 global questions from 'The Controller,' portrayed by Brian Cox.


Millionaire carpet exporter Akhandanand Tripathi, Mirzapur's mafia don, faces a power-hungry son, Munna, set on seizing the family legacy by any means.

The Family Man

The Family Man" follows Srikant Tiwari, a senior officer in India's NIA. Juggling work in the TASC with his best friend JK Talpade, he also manages life as a married father of two.

The Boys

In The Boys," super-powered individuals under Vought International are celebrated as heroes, but behind the facade, they exhibit arrogance, selfishness, and corruption.


Follow Jack Reacher, a wandering investigator with a keen sense of justice, as he unravels mysteries and faces formidable foes.

The Wheel Of Time

In a vast fantasy world, a group of young heroes discovers their role in a prophesied quest, navigating magic, politics, and ancient prophecies.

The Lord Of The Rings

 Join Frodo Baggins and a diverse fellowship on a perilous journey to destroy the One Ring and prevent the dark lord Sauron from plunging Middle-earth into chaos.