7 Suspenseful Thrillers On Netflix

7. The Killer

 It weaves a gripping tale of suspense and mystery, keeping viewers on the edge with its intense plot twists.

6. Fair Play 

 Fair Play is a compelling Netflix series that explores the intricacies of morality, fairness, and the human psychology. An essential thriller to witness!

5. His House

The suspenseful horror movie "His House" on Netflix follows the eerie journey of a Sudanese couple who are applying for asylum in the UK.

4. Gerald's Game

It' intricately weaves suspense and psychological horror, gripping viewers with its tense narrative and stellar performances.

3. I'm Thinking of Ending Things

It  is a chilling examination of identity and existential dread that unfolds in a bizarre way.

2. Cam

 A gripping thriller exploring identity and obsession as a camgirl's life spirals out of control.

1. Under the Shadow

It is an engrossing horror film set in war-torn Tehran that skillfully combines eerie otherworldly aspects with heartbreaking human drama.