7 Movies With No Male Characters

1. Persona

The concepts of duality and the Jungian hypothesis of an exterior identity separate from the soul are explored in this psychological experimental film.

2. The Descent

This British Horror Film about a group of women who become trapped below while on a caving expedition displays the women's primordial wrath in full force.

3. The Women

A comedic drama portraying female friendships tested by betrayal and empowerment, exploring the resilience of women in the face of challenges.

4. The Duke of Burgundy

It is a mesmerizing erotic drama exploring a complex relationship between two women, blending sensuality with psychological intricacies.

5. Suspiria

It is a visually stunning and intense supernatural horror film directed by Luca Guadagnino, exploring a dance academy with dark secrets.

6. I am Mother

This gorgeous Netflix sci-fi thriller follows "Daughter," a teen raised alone by "Mother," a sentient AI, after the world outside has been wiped out. 

7. Portrait of a Lady on Fire

It is a visually exquisite French film that explores love and desire between a painter and her enigmatic subject in 18th-century Brittany.