7 Movies That Amazon Prime Has But Not On Netflix

7. Jaws

Director Steven Spielberg's gripping thriller Jaws, combines masterful filmmaking, well-known orchestral compositions, and compelling storytelling to create a landmark in cinematic history.

6. The Godfather

Classic film by Francis Ford Coppola, ageless. The Godfather is regarded as a cinematic masterpiece that creates a compelling portrayal of the Corleone crime family .

5. Joker

Todd Phillips' "Joker" is a menacing and eerie character study that highlights Joaquin Phoneix's outstanding interpretation of the legendary DC villain.

4. Dune

 Frank Herbert's sci-fi masterpiece "Dune" captivates with its breathtaking vistas, deft world-building, and gripping narrative.

3.  Oppenheimer

Oppenheimer, a film by Christopher Nolan, explores the life of J.Rober Oppenheimer, the physicist who created the atomic bomb, and is sure to provoke viewers' thoughts.

2.  Shutter Island

The psychological thriller by Martin Scorsese deftly examines the intricacies of the psyche while crafting a riveting story that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats . 

1. Killers of the Flower Moon

David Grann's compelling nonfiction explores the Osage Indian killings that occurred in Oklahoma. The newly affluent Osage were methodically murdered for their oil money.