7 Hidden Thrillers On Netflix You Need To Watch

7. Raat Akeli Hai

Netflix's 'Raat Akeli Hai' is a gripping Indian thriller where a small-town cop unravels dark secrets amid family drama and societal corruption.

6. God's Crooked Lines

God's Crooked Lines on Netflix explores love, faith, and redemption in a tiny village, revealing the intricacies of human connections.

5. Iratta

"Iratta" on Netflix portrays a detective who battles inner demons while investigating murders in a corrupt city. Twists, suspense, and moral quandaries develop.

4. Kill Boksoon

 "Kill Boksoon" on Netflix depicts a lady seeking vengeance for her sister's death while exploring themes of justice, trauma, and perseverance.

3. Wingwomen

Netflix's "Wingwomen" follows three friends as they navigate love and life in New York City. Their amusing experiences delve into friendship, romance, and self-discovery.

2. They Cloned Tyrone

In "They Cloned Tyrone" on Netflix, a tiny town's mystery unfolds as weird occurrences hint to a mysterious conspiracy.

1. Kate

"Kate" on Netflix is about a trained assassin on a revenge mission after getting poisoned. It's an action-packed, twist-filled ride of revenge.