7 Fantasy Shows You Must Watch on Netflix

#1 The Witcher

Based on the same-named book series, The Witcher tells the tale of monster hunter for hire Geralt of Rivia, a mutant.

#2 Shadow and Bone

Alina Starkov, a young orphan who learns she has a rare power that could alter the course of the war, is the main character of Shadow and Bone, a fantasy novel influenced by Russia in the late 19th century.

#3 The Umbrella Academy

After their father passes away, a group of adopted siblings reunite and learn they have superpowers in this superhero show.

#4 Locke & Key

Locke & Key, which is based on the eponymous graphic novel series, follows the Locke family as they settle into Keyhouse, their ancestral home, and come upon mystical keys with sinister powers.

#5 The Magicians

This program centers on a group of students who attend the covert magic school Brakebills University.

#6 Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

The terrifying coming-of-age tale terrifying Adventures of Sabrina centers on Sabrina Spellman, a young half-mortal, half-witch who must decide which of her two worlds she will live in.

#7 Arcane

This animated series, which takes place in the League of Legends universe, tells the story of two sisters who are torn apart by conflict.