7 Best Sci-Fi Thriller Movies On Netflix To Right Now

7. Oxygen

A lady trying to survive with little oxygen in a cryogenic chamber is the focus of a gripping science fiction thriller.

6. They Cloned Tyrone

The Movie is an exciting Netflix original series that uses clones, secrets, and tension to solve a sinister plot.

5. Pacific Rim

In this movie, enormous robots fight terrifying monsters to prevent the apocalypse of humanity. 

4. Snowpiercer

A gripping science fiction series on Netflix about survivors of a frozen planet rising up against harsh class distinctions on a train that never stops travelling.

3. Okja

The moving story follows a girl's fight to save her cherished super pig from a vicious organization.

2. Gravity

Netflix has a compelling space thriller. Following a satellite accident, Sandra Bullock and George Clooney battle for their lives.

1. Looper

A hitman assigned to kill his future self in the movie is faced with a moral conundrum, setting off a gripping drama.